The grand prize winner of Camping World's RV Makeover Contest is Tom & Karen Moulton of Citrus Heights, CA. Tom & Karen have won a $20,000 makeover package for their 1973 Timberline. See their story below.
For 17 years we've been shanghaied and drug off by lots of wonderful foster children. Many have had mental or physical challenges but still show us no mercy. Downs syndrome, being deaf or having C.P., trumps sore feet. Some are with us for hours or days. Others have stayed years, some we've adopted. Every child's a wonderful challenge and an inspiration.

Racing toboggans down snowy mountain hills for the first time expands possibilities even if you can't walk. Playing tag with the waves, fondling starfish, tasting the saltiness of the ocean inspires even if in silence. Breathing in the sunlight as it filters through the giant red woods infuses awe and passion for life. The countenance of one with severe brain damage can magnify and reflect this hope to others. These are our rewards, which many kind people have shared.

We have taken children on their first camping trips, their first look at nature and often their first look at what a loving functional family looks like. These positive experiences last a lifetime for them and for their older or more capable siblings. All have something important to share, someone to serve, something to give.

We currently have seven (plus two grown) children living and serving at our home. They would love to show us America, from California's coast and Missions to the majestic view of the Grand Canyon, the awesome old faithful of Yellowstone and maybe we'll make it to Washington D.C. and the Statue of Liberty. There's even been whispers of Hawaii and a Chitty Chitty Bang Bang conversion kit, jumbo size.

Winning this contest will open new possibilities. With an air conditioner and generator we'll be less restricted by medical problems like my daughters seizures, which are sensitive to heat. An awning with a room will give us more space needed for longer trips and protection for the vulnerable when mosquitoes are thick. There are many little repairs and accessories that will make the experience more comfortable and enjoyable. My husband doesn't care as long as the refrigerator is reliable.

Inspiring and healing America's children is as noble a cause as any. Many will be inspired by them as we continue this work for decades to come. Thanks for making dreams come true and greater possibilities a reality.
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