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Signs You Need a New RV

By Alexa Gebelhoff

We all know the feeling of being inconvenienced by car trouble. It happens during the worst opportune moments — heading to work, catching a flight, traveling to meet your son’s future in-laws for the first time. And if cars don’t cause enough of a headache, it’s no secret that RVs — small and large alike —have an even higher risk of concern given size, mileage, and living amenities.

Don’t let unwanted surprises come between you and a relaxing getaway. Here are ten tell-tale signs it’s time for a new RV:

The check engine light is always on: Warning lights in your RV shouldn't be overlooked. If the check engine light has been on for a while, it will not automatically turn off over time.

Repairs exceed vehicle value: We all enjoy saving money, but if you’re driving and trying to maintain an old RV, it could be hurting your wallet in the long run. Visit your local Camping World dealership to gain insight and payment plans on new units. If you’re contemplating the do-it-yourself route, click here to understand the risks involved and when to take your RV to a professional.

A bottomless gas tank: Poor fuel economy is a sure sign you’re in need of a new RV. If the gas mileage has decreased over time, be conscious of buying the excess fuel. There are affordable and more efficient options out there.

Rusty areas of metal: Pieces of the vehicle falling off is not “just the typical wear and tear.” Rust can spread and ruin your RV's reliability,  especially when driving long distances. Start looking into other options to keep everyone on board safe. If the damage is minimal, check out this post from Nef Design on how to prevent and repair rust on your RV’s undercarriage

Seeing six figures on the odometer: If your RV is running well beyond 100,000 miles, it’s quite the accomplishment! It means you’ve taken good care of your vehicle; however, this milestone tends to include repairs and additional maintenance that a newer RV wouldn’t need.

Minimal safety features: NewRVs are built with a variety of features and technologies to minimize risks in an accident. You can't put a price tag on the safety of your family and friends, contact your local Camping World representative and ask about the features of new RVs.

Duct tape is your best friend: Everyone loves a good DIY project, but duct tape should not be holding your RV together.

Your child would rather fly: If your little one is putting up a fight and would rather fly to the vacation spot, look into ways to improve the RV experience. The comfort of those traveling is of the utmost importance, and by trading in your old unit, you have options of enjoying new amenities that are guaranteed to make you the most popular RV-goer on the block.

Second guessing a road trip already planned: Don’t let the quality of your RV stop you from the getaway trip you deserve. Life’s too short to be sidelined by the fears of your vehicle breaking down. Visit your local Camping World dealership to understand your options in trading in your used unit for a new one.

Nostalgia vs. comfort: Sometimes we hold on to old belongings because of the memories that go along with them. You’ll forever have those memories and also gain comfort and safety when you decide to look for a new RV. Visit us at your local Camping World dealership — there are many more memories waiting for you.


Ready to buy a new RV? Check out our RV Buying Guide for tips on purchasing a new rig! Or, click here to browse New RVs from Camping World.

Also, be sure to check out this helpful post from Do It Yourself RV for additional tips and reminders to avoid costly repairs to your new RV purchase.


How did you know it was time for a new RV? Comment below and let us know!

Posted: December 1, 2015

Tags: RV Sales   Tips & Tricks   Travel & Trips  


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