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So now you have your new Honda Portable Generator out of the box and you're getting excited about powering it up. Operating the generator is easy, but you must follow some simple steps to ensure safety. This video explains how to properly setup your new portable generator.

Here is a list of items that you will need to set up your new Honda Generator:

  • A clean gas can with fresh gasoline
  • 1 qt. of SAE 10W-30 oil
  • 1 small funnel
  • Rags to wipe up any spills
  • A flat tip screwdriver

Unpacking and Preparing your Generator:

  • Lift the generator out of the box, and place it on a level surface.
  • Every Honda generator is started and tested before it leaves the factory. After testing, the gas and oil are drained prior to shipping. Finding a small amount of residual oil or gasoline in your generator is normal.
  • Honda recommends using Honda genuine parts for all Honda products.
  • Remove the maintenance cover and dipstick.
  • Use a small funnel to add 10W30 oil to bring the oil to the upper limit of the filler neck. When the oil begins to run out of the filler neck, the oil level is correct.
  • Reinstall the dipstick, wipe up any spilled oil and reinstall the maintenance cover.
  • Now you can remove the yellow warning tag on the starter grip.

Warning: Gasoline is very flammable, and the fumes are explosive. You can be burned or seriously injured when refueling. Always refuel your generator in a well-ventilated area with the generator stopped and away from any source of flames or sparks.

  • Fill the fuel tank to the bottom of the red fuel gauge with fresh gasoline from a clean container. Do not overfill the fuel tank.
  • Tighten the fuel cap until it clicks, and wipe up any spills before you start the generator. If you have a EU1000i, the fuel cap will not click when tightened.
  • Do not use E85 or any other fuel containing more than 10% ethanol.

Warning: Before starting your generator, be aware that engines emit poisonous carbon monoxide, a colorless odorless gas that you smell cannot see or smell. Carbon monoxide gas can rapidly build up to dangerous levels in enclosed or partly enclosed areas and seriously injure or kill you.

Whenever you run your generator make sure it is located outside far from any doors or windows.

Starting your Generator:

  • Turn the choke on
  • Open the fuel tank vent
  • Make sure the eco-throttle switch is off
  • Turn the engine switch on
  • Lightly pull the starter grip until you feel resistance, then pull briskly away from the generator.

Note: Several pulls on the starter grip may be required to start this generator the first time or anytime it runs out of gas

  • After the generator starts, open the choke.
  • Allow the generator to run for 2-3 minutes before connecting any appliances to it.

Turning off your Generator:

  • Turn off or disconnect any appliances before turning off the generator.
  • To stop the generator, simply turn the engine switch off.

The EU1000i weighs approximately 29 lbs and the EU2000i weighs approximately 46 lbs.

Refer to the Owner's Manual for additional details on the processes shown in this video. For additional resources,

Posted: February 4, 2014

Tags: Tutorials & How-Tos  


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