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By Christina Ohanesian

Ready for a spine-chilling trip? This Halloween, take your RV to these spooky destinations across the USA!

#10 Myrtles Plantation
St. Francisville, LA
There have been a reported 12 ghosts that reside at the famous Myrtles Plantation; however, none are as famous as Chloe. According to folklore, Chloe was a slave that was forced to be the mistress of the plantation owner, Judge Woodruff. While the house now serves as a bed & breakfast, it is said that Chloe will wake visitors and look at them closely, as if she is looking for someone specific. A former owner once described all of the ghosts that live on the plantation as being very friendly with "traditional Southern manners.”



#9 Eastern State Penitentiary
Philadelphia, PA
Eastern State Penitentiary is considered one of the most haunted destinations in the world. The prison, which opened in 1829, held each of their prisoners in solitary confinement as a form of rehabilitation. Thought to be one of the harshest punishments, this method of isolation was intended to help prisoners repent, but consequentially caused them to go mad. Although the prison closed their doors in 1971, it was at one point home to famous gangster Al Capone and robber Willie Sutton. Although Eastern State never carried out any executions, it is haunted by the souls of prisoners that were punished, tortured, or even murdered within the walls of the penitentiary. You can tour the prison today and if you are in the mood for something a little scarier, try out their haunted house. If you decide to make a trip, check out cell blocks 12 and four which are infamous for paranormal activity.




#8 Clinton Road

New Jersey

Often called "America's Most Haunted Road," this chilling and narrow motorway is home to a twisty-turn called “Dead Man’s Curve.” If you dare to travel this road, the excursion may be better suited for your car rather than your RV! Before you get to Dead Man’s Curve, there is a bridge called "Ghost Boy Bridge" where, according to legend, if you toss a coin over the side and into the creek, the ghost of the boy who drowned will toss it back up to you. 


#7 Amityville Horror House
Amityville, NY
The Amityville House is probably the most well-known "haunted" house in America, known for being the inspiration behind many books and movies. In 1974, Ronald DeFeo Jr. shot and killed six of his family members in a shooting rampage. While pleading guilty to the six second-degree murder counts, the Lutz family was moving in. Within 28 days of living in the house, the Lutz family reported a series of unusual and disturbing events and immediately left in a fit of terror. Interestingly enough, the house is currently for sale. Who knows what might happen during the open house?



#6 Whaley House
San Diego, CA
Considered the most haunted house in the United States by Travel Channel's America's Most Haunted, the Whaley House has a history of hangings and is home to numerous apparition sightings of the Whaley family members. Now considered a California State Landmark, the house is shrouded in mystery that attracts curious visitors from all over the country.  




#5 Winchester House
San Jose, CA

This house tops our list of being the most bizarre. After the passing of her child and then husband, Sarah Winchester looked to a spiritualist for healing. The spiritualist informed Mrs. Winchester that she was haunted by victims of the Winchester rifle (her father-in-law was the manufacturer of the famous Winchester rifle, Oliver Fisher Winchester). To settle these spirits, Sarah had to move out west and build a house for her and the ghosts. She packed up her things and moved to California where she hired carpenters to work around the clock non-stop. Quite a few spirits supposedly haunt the house - some believe it is a few of the carpenters still working, while at least one other person thinks they saw Mrs. Winchester herself. This one is worth reading about, and even more worthy of a tour in real life!



#4 Stanley Hotel
Estes Park, CO

The Stanley Hotel is the inspiration behind Steven King's infamous book "The Shining.” Although room 217 is where King stayed before writing the book and also where a tragic accident took place in 1911, Hotel staff believe that room 418 is the most haunted. Take a tour to learn all about the mystery surrounding the 1900's explosion that gave this hotel its haunting reputation. 




#3 Devil’s Promenade

Hornet, MO

There is a quiet road in southwestern Missouri where, for more than 100 years, a ball of bright light appears during the night and travels down across the border from Oklahoma. People who have seen the orb claim that, if sitting in your car, the light sphere will come right up to your windshield, disappear and then rematerialize behind you, as if it had traveled right through your vehicle.  A few studies have tried to explain “The Spooklight,” and there are multiple theories out there. According to one legend, there were two young Quapaw Indians who, after being chased by warriors and a father who disapproved of their love, jumped off a cliff into the Spring River and died. The orb of light is believed to be one of the two souls looking for their lost love. Another popular legend suggests that the light is a lantern carried by the ghost of an Osage Indian chief who was beheaded in the area and continues to search for his head.



#2 Centralia, Pennsylvania
Centralia, Pennsylvania
In 1962, Centralia was the epitome of a small town bustling with lively people; over 1400 residents inhabited the mining town. However, things began to change suddenly as the ground began to heat up. An apparent underground fire burned throughout the city causing cracks in the earth and giant sinkholes. In 1981, Todd Domboski fell eight feet into a smoking sinkhole in his very own backyard. Although the reasons for the underground fire are still unknown, the once lively town turned into a ghost town. Within 20 years, the population fell from over 1000 people to only 20. Now there are only eight people that live there, content with the fire that still burns under their homes. Known for the inspiration behind the movie and video game Silent Hill, the town is filled with rusted old swings, homes, and evidence of human life, but no people in sight. Centralia, PA is a must see. 



#1 Waverly Hills Sanatorium
Louisville, KY
Built in the early 1900s to treat thousands of tuberculosis patients in Kentucky, the Waverly Hills Sanatorium was considered to be one of the most advanced tuberculosis hospitals of its time. The hospital dabbled in experimental treatments as a way of containing the epidemic that ravaged the area. Today, these procedures would be considered unlawful by new standards and it has been reported that thousands of patients died during their stay. Eventually, the tuberculosis epidemic declined, and the hospital transformed into a geriatric sanatorium. Due to the horrible mistreatment of patients and poor conditions of the hospital, Waverly Hills officially closed their doors in 1982. Although the building may no longer be operational, victims of the hospital’s ethics still haunt the halls. You can test Waverly Hills label as being one of the most haunted buildings in the world this Halloween season with their annual haunted house. Sounds scary!


Posted: October 4, 2016

Tags: Travel & Trips  


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