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The Most Common Mistake New Fifth Wheel Owners Make 619

Reading through our forums at, there’s a mistake that happens fairly often to new (or even very experienced) Fifth Wheel owners.

Imagine you’ve just driven a couple hundred miles to your destination. You’ve been in your truck for hours and have finally arrived at your campground and found the perfect spot.

After a couple cycles of forward, reverse, and some slight adjustments, you’ve positioned your Fifth Wheel in the campsite. Everything is perfect.

You lower your landing gear, disconnect from the hitch, and extend your slides. You start setting up some chairs around a campfire and get dinner started.

All of a sudden you remember you need to grab something small from the local store. Maybe some drinks or sides to go along with dinner.

You make sure all the cables are disconnected between your truck and Fifth Wheel, hop in, start to pull away, then CRACK!

What mistake did you make?

You forgot to lower the tailgate and the Fifth Wheel pinbox dented up your tailgate pretty good.

Don’t feel bad—this isn’t the first or the last time this will happen to a Fifth Wheel owner.

One solution is to remove your tailgate during camping season, or replace it with a model that has a V-cutout.

For a more in depth walk through on how to hookup and disconnect your fifth wheel, watch the video below.

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