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Hydro Life Exterior Disposable Inline Water Filter

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Filter bacteria and other harmful contaminants out of your RV drinking water.
Hydro Life filters protect against bacteria, lead, chemicals, chlorine taste and odor, sediment and bad taste and odor. Unlike carbon-only filters (which actually promote bacteria growth), Hydro Life's patented, EPA-certified, acid-washed coconut shell carbon plus bacteriostatic KDF filtration media significantly reduces bacteria. Removes up to 99% of chlorine taste and odor so your water tastes fresh and clean. Exterior inline and canister filters connect to your fresh water hose without tools and remove contaminants before they enter your RV. Under-counter system gives you bottled water taste and purity right from the tap. All rated for 20-100 psi and 35-100 Degrees F temperature range.

Up to 8,000-gallon capacity at 2 gallon-per-minute flow rate. Good for up to 1 year.

Technical Specs

Tech Specs

Weight: 1.6 lbs.

Manufacturer: Camco Mfg Inc

Mfg Part #: 52133/G-2627

Tech Notes:

  • Mfr. #HL-180
  • Starburst #6

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    Hydro Life Exterior Disposable Inline Water Filter: Customer Reviews

    Camper's Choice Rating

    (5 Based on 14 Reviews)

    Easy Setup (1)
    Excellent Water Quality (1)

    Reviewed by 14 customers


    Hydro Life Exterior Disposable Inline Water Filter

    0 out of 0 people found this review helpful.
    December 03, 2014
    I've used a Hydrolife cartridge filter for several years and am looking forward to using the inline filter. I find that Hydrolife is most effective of all filters in controlling taste as well as unwanted minerals and other contaminants.
    Pros: Easy Setup , Excellent Water Quality
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    Great Filter

    0 out of 0 people found this review helpful.
    July 08, 2014
    Have used this filter for quite a few years and am quite satisfied. This filter removes 'stuff' that others don't, and that is important to me. Would like this same filter formula in a cartridge type for my new RV.
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    Excellent Product

    0 out of 0 people found this review helpful.
    July 07, 2011
    My family and I have used this filter for 5 years while camping from Florida to Nevada. It is a great filterbecause it works well for the four to six weeks that we camp each year. It also filters out more harmful things than most of the other filters on the market. We replace it every year.
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    Really works!

    0 out of 0 people found this review helpful.
    April 12, 2010
    Has taken care of very hard sulpher water. It is not going to last for a year but with such bad water I didn't think it would, I have been using it 6 months and am starting to get some build up again. I am placing my order today.
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    Good idea

    0 out of 0 people found this review helpful.
    July 12, 2009
    This exterior filter works well. Inexpensive and as easy to install as hooking up your garden hose. You do need to buy a short secondary hose (or splice the filter into your existing hose). It makes the most sense to filter ALL water coming into the RV (if one is concerned about chemicals/microbes) rather than just filtering the drinking water on the inside. Unless you have two filters (one in the galley and one in the bathroom) you run the risk of brushing your teeth or washing up with contaminated water. Exterior is inexpensive and offers more protection. The only downside - they are disposable and so you must replace each season.
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    Great Filter For The Price

    234 out of 413 people found this review helpful.
    August 08, 2006
    As the previous review stated. We also had the problem with the high sulfur smell at our campground. The trailer would stink and taking a shower was a smelly experience. This filter greatly reduces the sulfur smell to take a shower and wash dishes and run water to do everything. but a secondary filter to filter for drinking is recommended. For the price, Its one of the best out there for easy hookup and good results for the money...
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    Nice Filter

    242 out of 496 people found this review helpful.
    June 12, 2006
    This is great little filter. I’ve used others and was dissatisfied with the low flow rate. I wish the flow rate was higher on the Hydro-Life but I’ll take the 2 GPM over others with the broad range of filtration that is being accomplished. The cost is higher than most and it would be nice to see it come down.
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    Great small filter

    188 out of 397 people found this review helpful.
    May 02, 2006
    The only reason this one does not get a 5 star, is I'm hoping they can make a 2.5 or 3 gpm one in the future. Water taste better through this one then the big one at our house. Unlike some others, after setting along time, there is no bacteria taste build up in filter. It is very small and convienient. I changed to a new one after a year, but did'nt need to. I put a 90 on the water inlet on the side of the rv (which I leave and don't take off, because it doesn't look that bad.) I then bought a few pairs of quick connects. I leave one on the 90 and one on the out flow of the filter and it is supported and hangs straight down on the rv. On the "in" flow side I use the quick connects and use a coiling hose (looks like the coiled air hoses) all of the time unless I'm along way from the water supply. That way, I just connect two quick connects and I'm done.
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    Does the job

    200 out of 308 people found this review helpful.
    September 01, 2005
    We needed a filter that would remove the horrible sulfur odor from the water at our campground. It was embarassing the way that nasty odor would totally permeate our coach. The water was so bad it would make you gag to take a shower with it. This filter does a great job of removing that odor from the water to a level we are happy with. I still would not want to drink this water without a further purification process, but for our non-drinking purposes (ie. bathing, washing dishes) it does a wonderful job. The price is right, and installation (if you want to call it that) is a snap. Very happy with this purchase!
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    63 out of 130 people found this review helpful.
    March 19, 2005
    This filter is Fantastic, We used it in Newport News/ Virginia Beach area and the water there is heavily clorinated. After filtering through this filter it was like having Bottles water. This is the best Inline filter on the market!
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    Great Filter/Great price

    81 out of 81 people found this review helpful.
    August 05, 2004
    We have used this filter several times at different places- land up north & state parks- it works Awesome. Filters so water tastes as good as out purified water at home. Very easy to use. Price is very reasonable for the product!
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    76 out of 78 people found this review helpful.
    July 14, 2004
    The best inline filter I have used. Also one of the easiest to install.
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    Campared to Camco TastePure filter

    235 out of 237 people found this review helpful.
    June 04, 2003
    I do not have a laboratory so I cannot pretend to know what is filtered and how well.... I can however tell you this. The last filter I had was the Camco TastePure filter which cracked at the hose connection on the third camping trip. I bought another... The Hydro Life has a better g.p.m. flow rate. In order to shower with the Camco I'd have to put water in the holding tank and use the pump to get good pressure. Not so with this filter. Taste, now we are in highly subjective territory... I believe this filter produces better (much better) drinking water. I did the comparison with tap water from my home so I could sample all three. The tap water is nasty, the Camco filtered water was better and the Hydro Life was clearly the best.
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    Easy to Use--Great Peace of Mind

    166 out of 177 people found this review helpful.
    February 25, 2003
    Great to find an inline, external filter that takes care of bacteria and all the rest. It was easy to set up, and only needs to be replaced once a year.
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