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TireMinder Wireless Tire Pressure Monitoring System with Booster - 6-Wheel TM66-M6 Kit

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The TireMinder TM66 Tire Pressure Monitoring System is the perfect TPMS solution for your RV, MotorHome, 5th Wheel, Motor Coach, Trailer and more!
System Features:

  • Updated software with an easy to use interface
  • Monitors up to 22 tires (0-232 PSI), extra transmitters found here: (Transmitter for Brass or Steel Valve Stems or Transmitter for Aluminum Valve Stems)
  • Displays PSI and temperature for each tire
  • Visual and audible alarms
  • Blow-out alarms
  • Signal booster included
  • 4 minute update cycle
  • Checks for tire issues every 6 seconds
  • Fast and slow leak alerts (3 PSI in 2 minutes or less and 6 PSI in 10 minutes or less)
  • Low and high pressure alerts (15% below baseline and 20% above baseline)
  • High temperature alert (alerts at 167° F)
  • Replaceable CR1632 batteries
  • Rechargeable monitor with battery indicator
  • Single action memory delete
  • Front or rear disconnect modes
  • Rapid connect
  • Re-set and automatic search
  • Light weight 0.5 oz. transmitters
  • Free annual battery exchange program
  • Award winning customer support
  • 1 year warranty

Kit Includes:

  • 1 TireMinder TM66 monitor
  • 6 TireMinder brass transmitters (for use with brass or steel valve stems)
  • 1 Hard-wired signal booster
  • 12 CR1632 batteries
  • 1 Mounting bracket
  • 1 Micro USB cable and DC charger
  • 6 Locking rings and wrench
  • 6 Additional O-rings

Technical Specs

Tech Specs

Weight: 2 lbs.


Manufacturer: Minder Research Inc

Mfg Part #: TM66-M6


TireMinder Wireless Tire Pressure Monitoring System with Booster - 6-Wheel TM66-M6 Kit: Customer Reviews

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Works well once installed (2)
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Quality (1)
No flow through transmitters (2)
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Reviewed by 8 customers


Reading changes opposite to temperature.

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April 29, 2016
The TireMinder TM66 pressure readings didn’t increase as expected during road trips and in cold weather didn’t decrease as expected. As the sensor/tire temperature increases it reads lower air pressure, and as temperature decreases it reads higher air pressure than actual. I tried an experiment to separate effects of the tire being warm or cold from the sensor temperature. With tires cold using a digital pressure gauge with +/-.75lbs accuracy and .1lbs resolution on the meter, tire pressure was set to exactly 63lbs. The daytime temperature was 55F and it was cloudy day, so no effects of the sun heating the tire over time. Two other gauges one digital and one analogue were used to and both reported between 63 – 63.5lbs. The TireMinder reported 55oF (which is correct) but over reported the tire pressure at 68 lbs., which was 5lbs. higher than the actual tire pressure! Then, an ice pack was placed around the sensor, with the ice pack, the TireMinder sensor reading was 37F and the pressure reading had increased by almost one pound to 68.9lbs. Next, I warmed the sensor to 89F and the pressure reading decreased to 63.9bs. By changing the sensor temperature the 52F, the TireMinder tire pressure readings changed by 5lbs, that’s 1 pound per 10 degrees F temperature change. Camping in the mountains? Cold morning? The TireMinder may over report your tire pressure by several pounds. To be fair, the pressure spec on the system is +/- 2.7%, which at my 63 lbs. is +/-1.7 lbs., but it does not state the temperature the spec is valid at. So, depending on the sensor temperature, tire pressure readings may be within spec, (when near 90F -100F I think) or they may be several pounds out of spec when cooler. When it is cooler out or in cold weather, this error can lead to over reporting the pressure of what could be an under inflated tire. Now I always check the system with a separate gauge, which is a step I wish I didn’t have to do.
Pros: Reasonable
Cons: Not accurate, No flow through transmitters
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Ease of Installation

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September 02, 2015
Installation was easy as long as you read the book first. Tire Minder Research's customer service rep, Jay, was very helpful in answering all my questions. Is very cumbersome when needing to check and/or add air to your tires though.
Pros: Works well once installed, Reasonable, Quality , Comforting to have
Cons: No flow through transmitters
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5,000 miles and it worked great!

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March 15, 2015
We just returned from a trip to Florida from Minnesota, via a big detour to Washington, DC to visit our son, and the device worked wonderfully, once I called the help line and got it properly installed. I have a problem sometimes with the "destructions" as my kids used to call them. On the trip home, as we got close to Minneapolis, I pulled into a parking lot and disconnected our Chevy Tracker, so my wife could go visit our daughter, and I continued on home farther North. The Tire Minder realized I was missing those back 4 tires and stared to beep. There is a way to just tell it the "toad" isn't there anymore, but I'll have to read the manual. Having had a couple of blow-outs with motorhomes over the years, with the resulting dangerous situation and damage to the wheel wells, this product is well worth the price for peace of mind as you head down the road.
Pros: Works well once installed
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It is just perfect

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October 07, 2014
I had the older model and it was good, but the new TM-66 is just perfect. It sure gives me a peace of mind about my tires. It is easy to install, easy to use, wonderful to have. One of the best accessories to have!
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Everything works as advertised ....

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June 18, 2014
We had a cheapo TPMS, and liked the security, but the sensors started to fail after a year or so. We did some research, and this unit - currently only available through CW - seemed to offer the best features. We got two extra sensors and monitor all four wheels on the van as well as all four wheels on the trailer. Once you get the hang of it, setting it up or making changes is straight forward and easy. We mounted the repeater directly on top of the battery box with a bungee cord, and used the same plug that we use when we hook up a small solar panel when the trailer is unattended. We have only used it on one trip, but it seemed to work perfectly. The feature where you can chose to ignore the trailer's sensors when you disconnect is really handy.
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I wrote a very nice, long review but...

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May 30, 2014
When I went to edit it all my work disappeared. I am not going to do it all over again. It's a good product.
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Operates as Advertised

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April 25, 2014
I have owned the TireMinder for one year and use it on a 5th wheel and two spare tires. It was easy to program and even easier to use. After hearing all the horror stories about tire blowouts on RV's and the horrific damage that happens to the side of the vehicle, this device gives me peace of mind. From the cab of the truck I can continuously monitor the tire temperatures and pressures. Should an abnormality occur, the monitor will react within six seconds and I can immediately look for a place to pull off the road. The customer service is outstanding. Their service department will do everything in their power to solve any problems. It is a fine company and I highly recommend the product.
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A Definite Must!

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March 10, 2014
Why I now have a TPMS: years ago I had a front tire issue on a flat-tow and never noticed it until the spindle snapped off (felt like a bump up front) and upon checking the side view mirror, saw lots of smoke and everyone on the interstate behind me scattering to avoid the debris field. I've also known of one other person that had no TPMS on their dinghy and had a [dingy] flat tire on the roll. By the time they discovered it, the tire was gone along with part of the wheel. They were lucky the incident didn't cost them more. That being said, this is my second TPMS. I love it! I've used it extensively with 12 (yes 12) sensor/transmitters. In the past, I've found transmitted information to be more accurate by unscrewing, and then reinstalling, the sensors before hitting the road - resets temp & pressure readings enhancing their accuracy. With the TM66, the Auto Search mode does it all, WITHOUT leaving the coach. I use the auto search and the front/rear disconnect modes the most. And I've tested this system EXTENSIVELY from nice hot days to arctic blasts with sideways blowing snow and ice in the mountains! While none are without an occasional burp, this system by far has proven itself to me. And any support from the manufacturer has been outstanding. I won't hit the road without this system covering me.
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Q & A

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23 questions : 26 answers
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Do I need a repeater for a 38ft fth wheel?
1 answer(s)
Reprogram after cking/adding air
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What sensors are needed for a toad using this system?
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Does the system monitor batteries?
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I would need two Extra Tire sensors. How much do they cost
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How many transmitters in total does the unit holds and can you buy extras for the tow vehicle
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43 ft motor home and tow unit, #1 will i need a booster
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aluminum or brass
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Does the transmitters affect tire balance
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If you add metal valve stems later will this system still work.
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How do you mark the transmitters?
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Do you need to re-program the system when you remove the transmitters to add air & then reinstall.
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will the monitor check more than 6 tires?
1 answer(s)
What is the range of the transmitter?
1 answer(s)
Are the individual tire monitors securely attached to the valve stem? ie small set screw thru the base onto the stem, so they cannot be removed easily
2 answer(s)
Do the transmitters have replaceable bat?
1 answer(s)
can u get extra sensors ?
1 answer(s)
Will My old 400 C transmitters work?
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How accurate are the readings?
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how many tire monitors come with the package
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Do you have to remove transmitter when checking or adding air?
1 answer(s)
Do you have to take the monitor off to check or add air?
1 answer(s)
Do the transmitters lock on to the valve stem?
2 answer(s)

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