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Skid Wheel Hitch Mount
Skid Wheels bolt to RV frame.
Internet Sale: $103.58
Reg. Price: $119.99
Steel Mini Roller, Weld-on
Extra heavy-duty solid steel Skid Rollers won't scrub away
Internet Sale: $25.67
Reg. Price: $33.99
Ultra Steel Roller - 2.5 X 3
Extra tough all steel construction.
Internet Sale: $43.80
Reg. Price: $56.99
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3 items found

Skid Wheels

If you haven’t heard of skid wheels, don’t be surprised. Many people new to the camping or RV-ing world are still learning how to fully outfit their new vehicle. One of the items you may just be hearing about is skid wheels. These small wheels are affixed to the back bumper of your RV or camper and are designed to keep your bumper from dragging or scraping if you encounter a curb that is too high or an angle that is too steep.

Which skid wheels are appropriate for your vehicle requires a bit of expertise. Camping World stocks a number of skid wheels which fit different types of RVs. Some will protect your hitch, others your bumper. They may require welding so consult with one of our customer service professionals when making your selections.

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