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Hitch Covers

If you tow your camper with a pick up truck, you will need a hitch. Since taking that hitch off isn’t a realistic proposal, you have to make some other plans. The best way to deal with a hitch that isn’t in use is to employ a hitch cover.

By placing a hitch cover on your empty hitch, you accomplish two things. First, you keep your hitch from being damaged when not in use. Even though the hitch is made of steel, it can rust, get dented, and even fall prey to pranksters who think it is great fun to fill it with something. Second, you get to show off a bit of your spirit.

Hitch covers run the gamut from plain to fanciful. Sport a lighted hitch cover that represents your team or one that commemorates your service in the military. There is a hitch cover that is sure to please just about everyone; you just have to look.

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