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Internet Sale: $2.94
Reg. Price: $5.99
GasMatch-9, 2-Pack Lighter
Get 2 multi-purpose disposable Gas Matches for the price of one
Internet Sale: $5.99
Reg. Price: $6.99
Bison Airlighter Fuel, 3 Pack
online only
Internet Sale: $20.95
Reg. Price: $23.05
Olympian Gas Match Lighter IV
Refillable Olympian Gas Match Lighter IV has instant piezoelectric ignition and adjustable flame.
Internet Sale: $4.09
Reg. Price: $4.69
Bison Airlighter
online only
Bison Airlighter
A fun and practical tool for people who light fires including RV owners, campers, serious BBQers and homeowners with fireplaces or fire pits.
Internet Sale: $83.95
Reg. Price: $92.35
Gibson Flame Flanner BBQ Lighter
Use with or without built-in blower to fan flames and make lighting charcoal or kindling for your campfire easier.
Internet Sale: $10.29
Reg. Price: $11.79
1941 Replica Zippo Lighter, Brushed Brass Finish
online only
Internet Sale: $34.28
Reg. Price: $43.99
Search Within:
7 items found


As any good camper will tell you, the highlight of any camping trip is the campfire. Whether you are roasting S’mores, toasting your toes, or just watching the flames, there is something magical about the experience. However, no one is all that convinced of the magic while trying to light a challenging blaze.

We carry a number of lighters – from gas to waterproof matches – which will make the process easy. Once your fire is going strong, toss on a rainbow flame stick and enjoy the cascade of colors produced by the different salts inside. No muss, no fuss, and the kids will love every minute of it.

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