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BrakeBuddy Digital Classic Portable Auxiliary Braking System
Take the burden off your motorhome's brakes and reduce your motorhome and towed vehicles stopping distance up to 50 percent.
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Reg. Price: $1,110.00
BrakeBuddy Vantage Select Portable Auxiliary Braking System
BrakeBuddy Vantage Select is the ONLY portable auxiliary braking system that allows you to choose between full and proportional braking "on the fly", at the touch of a button, without leaving the drivers seat.
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Reg. Price: $1,499.99
Roadmaster InvisiBrake
With InvisiBrake theres nothing to connect or disconnect
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Reg. Price: $1,049.00
Brakemaster for coaches with air brakes
Shorten your stopping distance
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Reg. Price: $919.99
Internet Sale: 
Reg. Price: $1,349.99
Even Brake Towed Car Braking System
An even better way to brake your towed vehicle
Internet Sale: 
Reg. Price: $1,399.99
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6 items found

Towed Vehicle Braking

Although most people love driving an RV, it's also wonderful to have one's car along for the ride as well - after all, quick sightseeing trips and jaunts to the grocery store will be easier with a secondary vehicle on site. So why not tow it behind? Of course, the added weight will make the drive a little trickier, and braking can become dangerous with a heavy haul behind you. This is exactly why you need a vehicle braking system. Not only will this lower the stress on your tow bar, it will also reduce the wear on your RV's brakes.
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