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13 Watt Fluorscent Worklight
Cooler bulb is safer to touch than incandescent work light bulbs.
Internet Sale: 
Reg. Price: $19.99
12-Volt Rechargeable LED Flashlight
Bright, 80 lumen flashlight with 3 watt LED bulb recharges in only 20 minutes when plugged into your vehicles 12-volt receptacle.
Internet Sale: 
Reg. Price: $15.49
2D LED Maglite
Combines a highly refined reflector with a quality LED bulb for a brilliant, adjustable beam that projects over 400 yards.
Internet Sale: 
Reg. Price: $46.95
Grip-Tite 9 LED Mini Flashlight
Water-resistant flashlight is build for use outdoors with a rugged grip, pushbutton on/off switch and attached wrist strap.
Internet Sale: 
Reg. Price: $4.49
LED Headlamp
Super-bright, water-resistant headlamp features seven LEDs and three brightness settings.
Internet Sale: 
Reg. Price: $5.79
Mini Maglite Pro
Equipped with the latest generation LED so its ultra bright.
Internet Sale: 
Reg. Price: $34.55
Tactical LED Flashlight
Super bright Nichea LEDs never need replacing.
Internet Sale: 
Reg. Price: $14.45
Maglite 2AA Flashlight
High intensity Xenon beam adjusts from spot to flood with just a twist.
Internet Sale: 
Reg. Price: $16.65
EZ Grip Halogen Spotlight
Rechargeable 1 million candle power light is great for camping, vehicle repairs and weather emergencies.
Internet Sale: 
Reg. Price: $25.79
7-LED WorkPro Flashlight
Rugged work light has a weatherproof, rubberized coating for easy grip even with wet, greasy hands.
Internet Sale: 
Reg. Price: $7.95
PX25 LED Flashlight
online only
PX25 LED Flashlight
The Coast PX25 LED Flashlight has a light output of 208 lumens in a size that is easy to carry in the included belt sheath, your tool kit, or in your vehicle.
Internet Sale: 
Reg. Price: $49.99
LED Flashlight
Versatile flashlight offers fingertip focus from floodlight to bullseye spot.
Internet Sale: 
Reg. Price: $112.95
8-in-1 Emergency Flashlight
Three 100,000 hour pivoting LED bulbs. One minute of crank time provides 15-30 minutes of emergency light.
Internet Sale: 
Reg. Price: $20.55
HL6 LED Headlamp
online only
HL6 LED Headlamp
The Coast HL6 is a great all around use LED headlamp.
Internet Sale: 
Reg. Price: $44.99
3AAA Indestructible Flashlight
Indestructible30' drop tested.
Internet Sale: 
Reg. Price: $21.45
High Output LED Flashlight
Super bright Nichia LED produces more illumination than much larger conventional flashlights.
Internet Sale: 
Reg. Price: $3.65
Sentry LED Flashlight 4 Pack
Super bright, durable 9 LED flashlights made of heavy-duty aluminum are ideal for use camping, biking, hiking, emergencies and working in low light areas.
Internet Sale: 
Reg. Price: $8.25
Multi-function Headlamp
Great for outdoors, fishing, vehicle repair or emergencies.
Internet Sale: 
Reg. Price: $16.85
Waterproof 4 LED Flashlight
Perfect for boating, camping and fishing, this waterproof, 4 LED flashlight also floats
Internet Sale: 
Reg. Price: $8.85
Pink Camo LED Flashlight
Super Bright Nichia LED never needs replacing.
Internet Sale: 
Reg. Price: $14.95
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Besides keeping you warm, a campfire is a great way to illuminate your night. However, the flames aren't very practical and can only offer a certain amount of light. When you want to brighten your walking path, there's nothing that's as effective as a flashlight. Whether on your forehead or on your hand, these valuable camping tools will surely make your night in the wilderness a trifle easier. At Camping World, you will find an assortment of flashlights to choose from to help you investigate that rustling in the woods.
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