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Automatic Drain Valve
Empty holding tanks effortlessly, with the flip of a switchnow with LED indicator
Internet Sale: 
Reg. Price: $157.00
3" Slide Valve with Gate Seals
3" Slide Valve with Gate Seals.
Internet Sale: 
Reg. Price: $17.99
Internet Sale: 
Reg. Price: $14.99
Waste Valve Extension Rod Kit
Makes reaching the sewer valve handle easier and more convenient.
Internet Sale: 
Reg. Price: $16.99
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4 items found

Sewer Valves

Your RV is equipped with several water and sewer tanks. No matter where it starts though, the waste that makes its way through the system has to find a way out. In order to clean out your sewage tanks, you need a sewer valve. Camping World has several for you to choose from.

Our sewer valves can be switched manually or through automatic controls. If you want to avoid bending and straining to open your waste valve, opt for an automatic unit. This will allow you to attach the hose, hit the switch, and stand back. Indicators will prevent you from moving while the valve is open.

Remember, while you may have to deal with your waste, there is no reason it has to be a messy process.

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