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Sewer Hose Rinse Cap
Thoroughly rinse your sewer hose before storing.
Internet Sale: $7.55
Reg. Price: $12.99
Twist-on Valve
Just twist a valve onto your leaky, broken sewer valve.
Internet Sale: $23.38
Reg. Price: $27.99
Internet Sale: $16.49
Reg. Price: $19.55
E-Z Coupler Bayonet Adapter
Connect two sewer hoses quickly and easily without clamps with E-Z Coupler Bayonet Adapter.
Internet Sale: $8.81
Reg. Price: $12.49
Rotating Rigid Pipe Adapter
Connects RV waste outlet to 3" male pipe thread.
Internet Sale: $6.99
Reg. Price: $8.29
Clearview 5" Sewer Adapter with Bayonet Lugs
Extend your sewer hose connection for easier hookups, plus see when your tank is clean and empty.
Internet Sale: $12.59
Reg. Price: $14.69
Internet Sale: $4.92
Reg. Price: $5.83
E-Z Hose Coupler
E-Z Hose Coupler makes a quick and easy connection for your extension hose.
Internet Sale: $8.57
Reg. Price: $12.99
RhinoFLEX Clear Swivel Fittings - 90 Fitting
Transparent fittings connect sewer hose to waste valve fitting.
Internet Sale: $7.04
Reg. Price: $10.99
Bumper Hatch, Set of 2
Never lose your bumper cap or sewer hose again
Internet Sale: $15.00
Reg. Price: $17.84
90 Degree Clear Sewer Hose Adapter with Bayonet Lugs
Clear Sewer Fittings let you see when your tank is empty and clean.
Internet Sale: $9.69
Reg. Price: $16.29
3" Slide Valve with Gate Seals
3" Slide Valve with Gate Seals.
Internet Sale: $14.94
Reg. Price: $17.99
3" Valve Hose Adapter
3" Valve Hose Adapter with bayonet lugs.
Internet Sale: $7.97
Reg. Price: $9.23
E-Z 90 Sewer Adapter
E-Z 90 degree Sewer Adapter has a 3/4 knock-out garden hose connection to drain your second grey water tank into one sewer opening.
Internet Sale: $11.19
Reg. Price: $14.99
Internet Sale: $12.99
Reg. Price: $14.99
Sewer Hose Clamp
Securely fasten your 3" sewer hose fittings to help prevent spills and leaks.
Internet Sale: $1.99
Reg. Price: $2.45
Easy Slip 4-in-1 Sewer Adapter with Elbow
Connects hose to dump station.
Internet Sale: $11.49
Reg. Price: $14.99
Rhino Sewer Fitting Wrench, 2 Pack
Disconnect any sewer fitting with ease.
Internet Sale: $7.99
Reg. Price: $8.99
EZ Coupler 90 Degrees Bayonet Fitting
Seal your sewer hose tightly in 6 different sizes of sewer openings.
Internet Sale: $12.31
Reg. Price: $16.29
E-Z On/Off Adapter
E-Z On/Off 3" sewer hose Adapter fits Anonda and Valterra formerly Grentec valves.
Internet Sale: $10.24
Reg. Price: $12.99
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60 items found
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Sewer Fittings & Adapters

There are many parts in a sewage system. All of them are important for the proper functioning of your drinking and wastewater systems. Adapters, valves, pipes, and hoses should all be well maintained and properly cared for so they function as they are supposed to.

While every RV owner expects to invest in fittings, couplings, and so forth, it is the small things that make the job of dealing with sewage easier. A set of sewer weights will keep your hose on the ground where it belongs. Gloves will prevent you from unintentionally touching materials you would rather not come in contact with. Quick connectors make hooking up to any size opening simple. Take a look at all Camping World has to offer for making sewage maintenance simpler.

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