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1 Year of Good Sam Roadside Assistance

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Join our roadside assistance program and get the peace of mind that comes with Good Sam Roadside Assistance.
We have the knowledge and experience to help you with all of your roadside assistance needs. Your Membership includes the following roadside services:

NEW! FREE 22-point RV Inspections at Camping World

Good Sam wants to keep RVers safe on the road. Roadside Assistance members can visit any Camping World SuperCenter for their free inspections. The 22-point inspection is unlimited, so members can take advantage of this valuable benefit before every trip to make sure their RV is ready to hit the open roads.

Unlimited Distance Towing to the Nearest Independent Professional Service Center

Good Sam Roadside Assistance will pay 100% of your towing fees to the nearest independent professional service center, even for specialized RV towing, and even if the distance is HUNDREDS of miles!

Protection For All Household Vehicles

Protection for one RV and all your household cars, minivans, SUVs, pick-ups, motorcycles and boat trailers are protected!

Flat Tire Service

If you have a blown tire while you are on the road, call us toll-free and we'll have an experienced technician come to help change it with your spare. If you need a replacement tire we can contact our network of providers to help you locate a new tire.

24/7 Toll-Free Emergency Roadside Assistance

Whenever you need roadside assistance, night or day, we will be there to help!

Protection in the U.S., Canada, Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands & Mexico

We'll provide you with full sign-and-drive service anywhere in the U.S. (Including Alaska and Hawaii), Canada; Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands and Mexico.

Get Help While Traveling with the RV Concierge Service

If you experience a roadside emergency while traveling, call a live concierge agent who will assist in locating the following points of interest should you need to wait for repairs to be made to your RV:

  • Fuel Locations/Rest Stops
  • RV Parks/Campgrounds
  • RV Parts Facilities
  • Retail Stores
  • Lodging

Discounts at AAMCO Centers

Get 10% off parts and labor at all AAMCO centers.

Spouse & Children Protection

Our emergency breakdown service keeps your whole family safe! Roadside Assistance membership includes services for your spouse and children (no more than 25-years-old living in the same household or attending college) are included.

Emergency Fuel and Fluid Service

If you run out of fuel, we will provide you with enough fuel to get you to the nearest service station.

Lost Key/Lock Out Service

Have you lost your key or accidentally locked it in your vehicle? Call our toll-free number to have a pre-paid locksmith dispatched to wherever you are.

Roadside Mechanical Repairs

We can send an experienced mobile mechanic to make minor roadside repairs to your vehicle at the site of disablement.

$1,200 Trip Interruption Assistance

If your vehicle is disabled due to a collision with another vehicle when you are more than 100 miles away from home, we will reimburse you for the cost of your meals, rental car, and lodging.

Emergency Medical Referral Service

We can assist you with a personal or medical emergency associated with an accident or illness while you are on the road. We will find legal, medical, or dental help, replace prescriptions, provide emergency cash advances, make travel arrangements and relay emergency messages.

Motor club benefits and services provided by either Affinity Road & Travel Club, LLC or America's Road & Travel Club, Inc. in the states in which they are licensed as a motor club. All program benefits are subject to limitations set forth in the current Member Benefit Brochure, which will be sent to you upon approval of your membership.

*Merchandise certificate will be mailed to the address on file and should arrive in 4-6 weeks. Offer is not retroactive and cannot be combined with any other offer. Limit one coupon per household.

Technical Specs

Tech Specs

Manufacturer: Camping World Generic

Mfg Part #: 981143


1 Year of Good Sam Roadside Assistance: Customer Reviews

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Reviewed by 12 customers


Good Sam Got Me Out!

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March 18, 2015
I called Good Sam for towing assistance. They selected J & D Towing of Huntsville, TX to get my 24,000 lbs motorhome out of the mud in a field by my home. Bobby was there in under ten minutes from the call to assess the job, and then called his truck out to do the job. He showed complete care for my vehicle, even to the extent of cancelling the job if it caused damage to my vehicle in any way; that showed me he knew what he was doing. With patience and professionality his crew retrieved my motorhome out of the mire and I am now able to use it once again. Major kudos to Good Sam, Bobby Davis and his crew!
Pros: Good value, Saves money , Great benefits, Peace of mind
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Good Sam Roadside Assistance

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March 06, 2015
Last summer my car broke down in a parking lot. Called Good Sam Roadside Assistance and the tow company took it to my personal mechanic. Yes, they ask lots of questions over the phone and you have to wait for a tow. I didn't pay one cent! I am definitely renewing!
Pros: Good value, Saves money , Great benefits, Peace of mind
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Good Sam Road Assistance

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February 27, 2015
I had an accident last week. It was 6pm, dark and freezing in upstate NY because of extremely low temperatures. I called Good Sam Road Assistance. The operator was unfriendly, kept asking me irrelevant questions and her only objective was to see how she could avoid sending help. They never sent help. I explained the emergency. They never cared. She told me she would send a text message. She never did. Called an hour later to say they had reviewed the situation and would not come. All about legalities. It is a scam! Do not buy Good Sam Road Assistance.
Cons: Not worth the money
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Good Sam Roadside Assistance

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February 21, 2015
My entire story is too long to write, but after 3 unsuccessful tows this week, I've about had it with this company. Bottom line: they don't deliver as promised. They promise a service that they cannot deliver on. Blame the local tow companies for taking state police priorities over their own. Say the service won't cost you something one moment, and the next you're paying. I have such a sour taste in my mouth, and it takes a LOT for me to write something like this up. Please save yourselves the heartache and stay away.
Cons: Not as expected , Not worth the money
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A must have!

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October 29, 2014
We finally used our Good Sam Roadside Service for the first time this last trip. We were in rural Illinois and stopped at a truck stop for fuel. My husband noticed smoke out of the rear wheel of our Freightliner M2 that pulls our 5th wheel. I called Good Sam Roadside Assistance and spoke with a helpful person who explained the cost for a technician to come to us to analyze the problem. We were told it would be approximately an hour for him to get to us but in less than 40 minutes a very pleasant man showed up who quickly discovered a cracked rotor when he removed the rear wheel. He explained what the parts would cost and the approximate time and final cost. We agreed to have him repair it. He made some calls to locate the parts and told us it would take a couple of hours as we were out in a rural area. He came back with the parts and went to work. We were very pleased with the service performed. The cost would have been comparable had we brought the truck to a repair facility. We can't say enough about how pleased we are to learn that something we have had for all these years we have been RV'ing, the Good Sam Roadside Assistance, was something we hoped we would never need, but once we finally did need it, exceeded our expectations.
Pros: Good value, Great benefits, Peace of mind
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Not happy

0 out of 0 people found this review helpful.
October 21, 2014
On Oct 5, 2014 we were on our way back to Texas from Colorado when we had a blowout on our 5th wheel. We were only about 5 miles out of Ft. Sumner, New Mexico. 45 minutes after calling Roadside Assistance they still had not found someone to come and change our tire. We found that out only by calling back. At this point my husband and another gentleman changed it themselves. This is not what we paid for.
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Very Unhappy

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October 14, 2014
On our recent trip going to Yellowstone we had a flat tire on our travel trailer with the tire shredding apart. We were on Hwy 395, about 35 miles north of Reno, Nevada. I contacted Good Sam Road service to have someone come out and install our spare tire and I decided to stay on the line while a Customer Service rep located a company to come out. I explained we were not in a safe location due to narrow shoulder of the road. Our trailer was sticking out about 12 inches past the fog line into the traffic lane. I was on hold for about 10 minutes while he was trying to find a company to come out. He came back on and told me he was still trying to find a company to come out. I said I would hold online while he continued. After another 10 minutes went by and he came back on and said he finally found a company that would come out and it would be a minimum of 2 hours to get to us. The other companies he tried were giving a 3 hour minimum time to get to us. I agreed, but informed him again we were in a dangerous situation with trailer being in roadway. We called the Calif. Highway Patrol and explained our situation and requested an officer to respond since we were a hazard. CHP responded in about 10 minutes and informed us a tow service was located about 5 miles from where we were. I had CHP contact them and I cancelled the company that Good Sam had called. The new tow service responded to our location within 10 minutes and we were on our way within 30 minutes. The tow company that responded explained to us that Good Sam contracts with companies and pays less than half the normal going rate for roadside assistance and that is why it takes so long for response because of most companies do not support Good Sam.
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Came to the rescue

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October 09, 2014
We experienced a battery failure on our motorhome about ten miles from the closest town. The young man who helped us was excellent, after several minutes he was able to locate a repair service and sent him to the rescue. The gentleman who came out to help us was knowledgeable and proficient. He had us on our way in less than thirty minutes. Thanks Good Sam!
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Terrible Experience $700 Bill with no Repair Made

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September 15, 2014
Used this the Sunday before Labor Day. The company they sent billed me $700 and were only there about an hour and could not fix the problem. I have been trying to get an invoice for 3 weeks with no luck. I cannot get their address etc from Road Side and Camping World has also tried getting the invoice as the call would be covered under our warranty. They finally suggest that I file fraud complaint with the bank. Really they are the ones that supplied this company. Have to say - beyond frustrated and doubt I'll use the service again for anything more than a flat tire.
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No Longer RVer friend.

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September 08, 2014
Several years ago I had a very pleasant and professional experience with Good Sam. Yesterday (9-7-14) was horrible. Disabled only 35 miles from my home, Good Sam called a wrecker service 50 miles away. It took the wrecker service 3 hours to get to me and another 2 hours to begin the tow. Prior to this, when I finally did get to speak to a human after struggling through the ridiculous automated phone system, the person would not listen to my helpful suggestions for available capable service. No compassion at all.
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Locked Out

0 out of 0 people found this review helpful.
May 28, 2014
Thank You Good Sam for coming to our assistance in 10 minutes in Harris Co. when we locked our keys in our tow-truck. We felt foolish and so lucky at the same time that we had Good Sam Roadside Asst.
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Don't leave home without it.

0 out of 0 people found this review helpful.
May 26, 2014
We can borrow the old American Express Card slogan and apply it to Good Sam Roadside Assistance. I wouldn't pull out of the driveway without it. A few years ago, on our first motorhome trip to Florida, I had my driver side front tire blow on a busy 6-lane freeway in Illinois. I immediately pulled over to the shoulder, got out and put up our orange warning triangles, with 18 wheelers were roaring by me, at least one every 30 seconds. Thank God for the Good Sam Roadside Assistance, I dialed the 800 number and reported my situation to the operator. While we waited for help to arrive, I walked back down the highway and found my wheel cover about a block behind us. An hour later, the truck arrived, and our rescuer quickly installed the spare with the help of a compressor, hydraulic jack, and impact wrench. A couple of days later, I pulled into the Camping World in Knoxville, Tennessee, where the folks there were very happy to sell and install six new tires, keeping the best of the old ones for a spare.
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Does this package cover other family vehicles?
1 answer(s)
We have a Pop up A-frame trailer are these models able to be covered for Road Side Assistance too?
1 answer(s)
Am I covered in Canada and Alaska?
1 answer(s)
How old of Class C is covered?
1 answer(s)
Coverage on dirt road
1 answer(s)
Is there an age restriction on the motorhome for coverage?
1 answer(s)
Is this the platinum roadside assistance
1 answer(s)
Does this apply to renewals?
1 answer(s)
Does this coverage cover your auto when not with your RV?
1 answer(s)
will it cover my motor home and tow vehicle even though they are registered to a LLC company that I own.
1 answer(s)
Do I have to join the Good Sam Club to get the auto club?
1 answer(s)
road side assistance
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