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Pelonis Disc Furnace

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Get plenty of warmth safely and economically.
Pelonis Disc Furnace features a thermostatic heat control plus separate fan and heat control. More energy efficient and safer than traditional electric heaters. Ceramic heating element means there are no glowing elements or open flames. Other safety features include built-in tip-over switch and automatic overheat shut-off. Each unit features an automatic thermostat and efficiently heats 150-200 sq. ft. 110V AC. ETL listed. In Brown.
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Technical Specs

Tech Specs

Weight: 5 lbs.

Dimensions: 5 1/4" x 5 3/4" x 6 3/4"

Warranty: Mfr. one year limited warranty

Manufacturer: World Marketing Of America Inc

Mfg Part #: B-6A1

Tech Notes: 5200 Btu


Pelonis Disc Furnace: Customer Reviews

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Reviewed by 15 customers


Perfect Heater

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November 22, 2013
This heater keeps our 26 foot Fleetwood toasty even with temps below 30 degrees.
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November 20, 2013
This is one powerful little heater. However, the fan is very noisy so I returned the unit.
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April 08, 2013
The performance is great, but I did not like the odor given off when it was used for the first time.
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Little Heater

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January 19, 2013
I've had a Pelonis Disc Furnace for 15 or 20 years. I used it in my office before I retired. It is exteremely compact. It doesn't look like it could put out much heat but it does. We have a 20 ft travel trailer and like to take it out year round. This little heater can warm the trailer quicker than the on board propane furnace and is our preferred heating source when in an RV park. The only drawback is it will trip a circuit breaker if it is on with the coffee maker. I highly reccomend this little powerhouse.
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20+ years and still going. LOVE it.

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October 01, 2012
I also have a 20+ year old Pelonis and it is as tough as a tank. LOVE IT. Safe, compact and energy efficient heat. Relatively quiet fan temperature control knob, and the top and sides of the external case stays touchable when the thing is cranking out heat. No fire hazard (coils or flames) and auto tip over shut off. If they are still made as well now, it is worth every penny and more. Perfect for an RV or boat, or just to take the chill out of a room without turning on a 'whole house' heat source in the shoulder seasons.
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Keeps on Heating and heating and heating!

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October 09, 2011
We have a Pelonis Disc Furnace which we have owned for close to 20 years now. Got it in the late 1980s or early 1990s. It has seen duty at a supplemental heater in a bedroom, and then in a bathroom, and now in the bathroom and the motorhome. I don't know if the new ones are the same as the old ones, but the Pelonis has out lasted others that we have brought that up and quit with in a year. If this is made the same at their original Pelonis, I can highly recommend it. And yes, PELONIS WAS RATED #1 BY CONSUMER REPORTS IN 2008! I have to say, with mine being that old, I am thinking about buying a new one.
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Disc Heater

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December 20, 2010
This heater works almost perfectly. If it had a reostat that turned it totally off, it would have gotten a 5-star from me. It has worked out well and I even use it in my computer room at home when its real cold. It is a safe heater that can be used indoors without worrying about lethal fumes and I am glad I bought it.
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Long life and saves on propane

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December 15, 2010
We bought one of these (at a hardware store - special order) and have been VERY pleased with it. The lowest setting is 50-deg and yes is does not shut completely off but it does reduce the heat output (and fan speed). We use it to keep the bedroom warmed at night as a supplement to (and to save on) the propane heat. Our motor home is 38-ft long (two slides) and we find this is good enough to keep us warm through the present sub 20-deg nights. Last year we measured down to 3-deg and then we did close the bedroom door which kept us toasty in the BR without additional propane. I reduced the living room setting to 50-deg for those (super) cold nights. This heater also outlasts anything that WallyWorld has to offer - our $70 purchase has been around longer than three of the $20 cheapo ceramics and is still going strong.
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The BOSE of Little Furnaces

91 out of 151 people found this review helpful.
October 15, 2006
I've tried several different small ceramic funaces.....all have died after a year or two of use......I use mine quite extensivly in winter. I had a Pelonis that lasted over 8 years running almost 24/7 in the winter. It finally pooped out after one of my dogs mistaked it for a fire hydrant several times. I looked for several years for one unsuccessfully.....until I saw it at Camping World....The price may scare you at first...but believe me...YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR....the Pelonis Disc Funace is by far the best one made....I'm getting two one for the Rig and one for the house.
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Getting one for home too!

186 out of 334 people found this review helpful.
January 03, 2006
I almost forgot about this little sucker. This is THE best little heater I’ve ever had or used. What I do is heat the motor home with the furnaces first to raise the temp in whole coach and them just crank on this little bugger to keep it at the right temp. Put in the front to keep the kids toasty on their dinette and sofa beds or but in the middle of the coach to spread the heat all around or keep it in the bath room and heat the bedroom at the same time. The thermometer works great. The heater can actually make things too warm believe it or not. I like it so much I’m getting another one for our master bedroom at home so we don’t have to heat the whole house. Or we can put in the family room and be cozy warm and not have to heat the whole house. I love this thing. Thanks Camping World!
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Hot item for cold nights

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March 26, 2005
I use the Pelonis in the dual slideout bedroom + bathroom (with a skylight in the shower stall) of my 40' class A as its sole source of heat during 40-50 degree nights. A pocket door closes off the bedroom from the rest of the coach, so I can set the front zone furnace thermostat on a low temp (mid 50s) to conserve propane. The Pelonis Disc Furnace kept the bedroom very comfortable all night. Its quiet operation and small size made this well designed unit convenient to use and store. A padded storage case would be nice to have to protect the investment from road vibrations and bumps. The counter top material where it sits remains very cool and unaffected during operation. I like the fan-only option for quickly cooling the unit before storing it away in the morning. Highly recommended as a part time supplementary system.
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Not Best In Some Situations

101 out of 112 people found this review helpful.
December 01, 2004
Not the best for a well insulated RV in cool weather situations. It is designed to provide continuous heat rather than cycles, but this is a shortfall in many situations. When extra heat is needed, the unit automatically increases power and fan velocity, but has a major shortfall in the other direction! Even with the thermostat set at the lowest (50 degrees), the unit still keeps heating at a low level -- it never completely shuts off. If you only need a heater in very cold weather, this unit is great ... but in cool weather (40 - 50 outside), you essentially have to physically turn it off or you will find your RV at 80 degrees plus after a while due to the continuous heat production.
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Best Heater Ever

77 out of 77 people found this review helpful.
September 28, 2004
I have been using one of these for a year now in my trailer. I only use my furnace if I want a blast of heat to quickly heat up on a cold morning. The Disc Furnace maintains the temperture I want and does it quietly. This heater is better than any other electric heater I have ever used. It is also much more efficient.
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Perfect RV Heater

86 out of 87 people found this review helpful.
February 12, 2004
Awesome Heater. Very well made. The thermostat is set by temperature and the fan speed automatically starts out on high then slows down as the room warms up. You can set it on any surface and it stays cool. It even has a washable air filter. This small six inch square package puts out lots of instant heat.
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Better than advertised

85 out of 87 people found this review helpful.
December 27, 2003
I bought this to replace a noisy heater purchased from Wal-Mart. It works better than advertised. The heat output is large and immediate. The size is small and is easily moved about. Just set the temperature dial and the unit responds to the setting. As the room warms up, the fan and heat are reduced.
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