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ADCO RV Cover Selector

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Choose from a variety of fabrics to protect your RV from water and UV Damage.
It is easy to order your New RV Cover. Simply click configure to see the options available for your RV.

Technical Specs

Tech Specs

Weight: 6.75 lbs.

Manufacturer: Adco Products Inc


ADCO RV Cover Selector: Customer Reviews

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Reviewed by 11 customers


Not Happy with cover for Maine Winters

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April 20, 2015
This is second season for this "expensive" cover and I will not be able to "save it" again this spring for another winter. Yes we had a lot of snow [140 inches] but I would have thought the cover would have tolerated it. The weight of the snow tore the cover at all the roof appliances [AC unit, Vents, etc.] I now have 3 huge holes of more than a foot to try to stitch, Duck Tape etc. but truly think it a throwaway at this point. At nearly 500 dollars I can't imagine doing this on an annual basis. My first season I got away with a few small tears I could repair but not this year. I also had one strap pull off the cover end with minimal tension. I usually can overcome these issues with a little ingenuity but not this year and I doubt I will spring for another 500 dollars for another one of these covers. Hoping to find a "Heavy Duty" cover that will endure Maine Winters no matter what they might bring.
Pros: Easy to work with, Good fit, Easy to put on, Easy installation
Cons: Tears very easy , I would not buy again, Straps are not secured on the cover, Not durable
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April 18, 2015
I bought this top of the line Sunbrella cover for my brand new lance travel trailer 11/2013. I completely wash before covering. Now in its second year in a very mild inland Central Coast CA. climate it doesn't seem to protect against anything!! All items on the roof are completely full of thick dirt and visibly stained and have abrasions wherever cover rubs. Also all top white plastic is now yellowed ie: vent tops, awning caps etc. The trailer almost seems worse than if not covered at all!! I have a NEW American flag sticker in the back window of the trailer, after only 1 year, covered for all but maybe 2 weeks, the sticker is almost faded beyond recognition. What good is this cover doing, or is it doing HARM!!?? VERY DISAPPOINTED,
Pros: Good fit, Looks nice, Hard to put on
Cons: Heavy, Tears very easy , Not waterproof, Not UV proof
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September 21, 2013
I have been making boat and RV covers for a long time and this is a really great value. But keep in mind that NO! cover takes the place of covered or enclosed parking like a garage. But if you use some sense to protect it from sharp or jagged protrusions and make sure that the cover is secured tight you will improve upon the years of use you will get from it. Also a great water repellent like 303 will prolong the life and still allow it to breathe. Consider that a custom fit cover for a 25 foot trailer can run into the thousands this cover is really a great deal. I suggest this manufacturer to a lot of my customers as an alternative to leaving the RV unprotected. I live in the Northwest where we have a lot or rain ,cold and wind and this will protect the finish on the window frames, skin and roof from dulling and moss.
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1 out of 3 people found this review helpful.
January 10, 2011
I've purchased several Adco covers over the past 10 years. They are probably the best made and their service is beyond great. However, any cover will rarely give more than 2 years of good service.
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ADCO Cover

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January 24, 2010
Very good quality. I would recommend.
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Improvements Made 2009

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May 10, 2009
We bought the same cover 4 years ago and had the same problems as other reviewers. This year's model has better elastic corners, runs the full width of the front and rear, more zippers and more tie down straps. We patched/sewed the last one for 3 years, we are expecting this one to last longer with less patching/sewing.
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Rediculoiusly fragile fabric...

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January 08, 2009
I too bought an ADCO Tyvek cover for my 31 foot Class C during the fall sale. I didn't put it on till about three weeks ago. I took every precaution by padding any sharp, square, or rough surface that I thought might damage the cover. Today, after several weeks of inclimate weather, I made a detailed inspection of the cover. In spite of the fact that we do get some moderately strong winds, I was still SHOCKED at the places where the polypropylene sides had worn through. While I might expect damage on obviously sharp or square edges, as was the case on several edges I had missed around the running boards, I was astounded when I found holes or tears on gently radiused corners that were capped with screw caps and rounded trim. I quickly ran out of the meager sheet of patch material supplied with the cover. Fortunately, as I worked in the RV industry many years ago, I have several large sheets of double-thick Tyvek which I will apply to the vulnerable areas with fabric adhesive. Though I thought it was ridiculous that should have to, I also padded many more areas with foam pipe insulation. I would also advise anyone buying one of these to buy some fabric adhesive as the self sticking patch material won't stick for long. No product that costs as much as these, and that is expected to protect a product in an outside environment, should be this fragile. I am sorely disappointed.
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Outstanding product and warranty.

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January 05, 2009
I purchased my 34' cover last Jul 08, and for some unknown reason, the product was damaged and I call Camping World and after I told them my problem, they gave me ADCO's warranty dept. I called and spoke to a Gentlemen on EXT 227. All he asked me is the warranty tag that was in the front of the cover, and 2'x'2' part of the cover that showed the damage, and he sent me a replacement. I really appreciate Camping World and ADCO for standing behind their products. I recommend this to all RV'ers who are thinking about purchasing one to protect their investment. Repectfully, SGM Alex Santos US Army El Paso, TX
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January 03, 2009
I recently purchased this item. I bought it on sale. I thought the pricing was great. I am new to rving, so I figured I would give the cover a try. I am located in PA and we get pretty nasty weather throughout the winter. I do check on the cover about once a week. I covered my RV the first week of November. So far, I have no issues, there are no rips or tears. At this point I would recommend this item especially for the sale price.
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A little disappointed

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November 05, 2008
I bought the Tyvek material cover in January. It came with several reeinforcement / repair patches which I put on the corners when I hung it. It fit very well. We snugged it up with all of the ties and ropes. We came back and took it off for our first run at Spring Break. I was disappointed at how it held up. Despite putting on the patches, I had several holes through it at those pesky corner spots from the rain gutters. Granted it does get windy occasionally here in Broomfield during the spring (and fall) but I would not have expected that kind of wear. I will probably have to get another after this winter. It did keep off the sun, rain and grime off so it did its job in that respect, just not as durable as I would have hoped for the cost.
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Great purchase!!

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October 27, 2008
We purchased this cover this year. It is great, the review I first read on it that it tore very easy is just not true with this.
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