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Aeroplus Wind Deflector

Aeroplus Wind Deflector

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Roof rack-mounted wind deflector is designed to smooth airflow over the top of your tow vehicle, increasing towing stability and making trailer towing much smoother.


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  • Saves fuel (2)
  • Less Strain On Our Tow Vehicle (1)
  • A More Relaxing Drive (1)
  • Easy install (1)
  • High quality (1)
  • Bolts could be too long and need to be modified (2)

Aeroplus Wind Deflector

Good, well-made product that is exactly as described. The blade is about 2' tall and sculpted to deflect wind up and sideways. You

Wind deflector

I find my vehicle travels much easier with this item installed, I do not know if it saves fuel since I have not checked my fuel co

Top of the line wind deflector

This thing does the job of redirecting the wind over your trailer. It is quiet and sturdy, and really does save you fuel. At least

Get one

Worth all the modifications I made. I could tell in just the first few miles it was all they said it was. I was especially impress


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