Awning Rope Light Hooks, 10-pack

Awning Rope Light Hooks, 10-pack

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Hang rope lights with weather-resistant hooks designed especially for continuous light strips.


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Why didn't someone think of this before?

If your looking for a good light clip this is the one! I have tried several differant clips and don’t like the “S” hooks, “Awning

Excellent way to hang rope lights

We tried all the other awning hangers for our rope light, but these work the best by far. We keep them attached to the rope light

Excellent product, a must have for awning lights,and wind socks

What a wonderful product, finally someone that has invented something that is so easy to use, doesn't have multiple parts to mess

Would be better if . . .

These clips slide easily in the awning slot which makes them easy to install and remove. However, that they slide so easily makes

Great Light Hooks

Great clips to hang lights on your awning, they slide in and out effortlessly and do a great job of holding our globe lights, No


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