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BAL Lock-Arm Stabilizing Bar

BAL Lock-Arm Stabilizing Bar

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Eliminates most trailer movement from your trailer's existing stabilizing jacks.


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Bye! Bye! to the Bouncing !

Installed 2 pair on a 30 foot TT. Amazing difference. The trailer still vibrates a bit when others move around, but no where nea


they take out all the movement . the only thing i can feel then the kid are JUMPING around I can feel the fram flex

Not called stabilizing for nothing...

Long story short, these stabilizer bars do the job as advertised! I put a pair on a front corner and a pair on the opposite rear

So simple, but so good!

Our 33 foot TT has always moved around excessively. I have used multiple jacks to keep the frame stiff enough to prevent bouncin

BAL Lock-Arm Bars

Received and installed 2 sets today. The hole in the bracket which attaches to the jack foot pad was too small for the original


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