Blow-out Plug

Blow-out Plug

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Blow-Out Plug removes water from lines for winterizing.


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Works great, but could use some way to attach a lock on air chuck so that you can leave air pressure on line and go inside and ope

Worth it's weight in Gold...

Great Product, been using it 3 winters now on 2 different trailers, Well worth the cost. Works great.


I live in a very cold climate which freezes hard every year. I blow out all the faucets, tanks etc with this and only use anti fr

Plastic plug

This is an adequate plug, made from plastic, that screws into your shore water line. However, there is nothing substantial for yo

Prevent cracked water lines

Although it doesn't freeze that often in Florida, we do have times when we need to purge water to prevent damage to our lines an


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