Camper's Daily Log Binder

Camper's Daily Log Binder

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Stay organized with a Camper's Daily Log.


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Trip log

It is a good place to put information about, how much, how many, where, when,and what is new. How much is, fuel, food, repairs, oi

Excellent little record keeper

This compact camper's log is excellent for keeping track of the places you've travelled to, as well as campgrounds, detailed expen

Camper's Daily Log

This is a very handy log to keep on a daily or periodic basis to become and stay organized. It provides for the essential record

Very Useful

I have used similar 'logs' in the past, but this seems to have it all. I am taking an extended trip throughout the West this fal

Pretty good Item

Wish it were a tad larger but it will suffice. Has enough spaces for all the information. Also being loose leaf you can remove a p


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