Damp Rid Hanging Moisture Absorber, 3pk

Damp Rid Hanging Moisture Absorber, 3pk

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Eliminate moisture that can damage your clothes and leather goods.


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Best moisture absorber

I have used DampRid moisture absorber for a year now. Its works very well. Buy it.

damp rid

One of the best items made for keeping moisture out of the closet. As full timers living in an RV this product is one of the fe

You can see it work

I bought these for our trip down South where humidity is high. I had no idea how they worked but read the reviews and opt to give

Effective moisture collector

If unable to check on collection bag or bowls, get a product with a drainage hose to outside area. Have used 9 of these bags in la

love it

i put one in the bathroom for moisture control plus a freshener too,


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