Digital Line Monitor

Digital Line Monitor

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Digitally monitor and meter all your AC power sources for your personal safety and appliance protection.


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Visual piece of mind

This little guy constantly monitors incoming power and alerts you to high or low voltage conditions as well as incorrect line freq

120 Volt meter

This voltmeter can tell you a lot. If it reads below 105 VAC then shut off your air conditioner. If the voltage climbs by more

Lets you know what you need to know

The temperature was over 102 degrees. With the AC running, the breakers blew as soon as my wife turned the microwave on while she

Digital AC Monitor

This is a MUST have item if you have any electrical stuff thats inportant to you. I have one in my Class A and one in my Class C.


I bought one 2 years ago. I like it because it will tell me my generator volts & cycles. It also lets me know if park powe


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