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Even Brake Towed Car Braking System

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An even better way to brake your towed vehicle!
Even Brake by Roadmaster is the only portable, proportional towed car braking system that constantly monitors itself, giving you continuous information about system status and function for maximum towing and braking safety. It's a step ahead of all other portable, supplemental towed car braking systems on the market today!

EXCLUSIVE Even Brake Features:

  • Full-time proportional braking - Even Brake applies the same braking pressure to your towed car as you apply to your motorhome brakes for consistent braking throughout the stop, with no "drop out" after a few seconds of continuous braking.

  • Constant braking information and system status keeps you in touch with towed car braking capability at all times for maximum towing safety.

  • Continuous self-diagnostic testing – Even Brake is the only supplemental braking system that checks itself, so you don’t have to – a glance at the monitor assures you that Even Brake is fully operational.

  • Terrain-sensing logic – Even Brake adjusts to uphill or downhill grades, and to rough terrain, by automatically leveling itself. Because it’s always level, Even Brake always brakes with maximum efficiency.

  • Three-tier monitor offers red-green-yellow LED display, LCD text message and audio alert to eliminate any guesswork about system status.

  • Automatic low battery protection – if the battery voltage drops too low, Even Brake goes into sleep mode, while retaining emergency braking power.

ADDITIONAL Even Brake Features:

  • Automatic brake protection – the monitor alerts you after an extended period of continuous braking, then Even Brake releases braking pressure, avoiding excessive wear on the towed vehicle’s brakes.

  • Touch pad control panel makes programming fast and easy.

  • Adjusts to your braking preferences on braking force and sensitivity; on-board memory remembers settings after you disconnect it.

  • Automatically delivers maximum braking pressure in an emergency or a break away situation – Even Brake works the most when you need it the most.

  • 20% smaller than other systems, to fit more vehicles-including Jeep Liberty

  • Transmitter is incorporated inside the unit

  • Only 2 connections in the towed car: power cord and diagnostics feed

When you apply your motorhome's brakes, Even Brake's microprocessor signals a magnetic valve to release a proportionate amount of air pressure against the towed car's brake pedal, slowing the towed car at the same rate as the coach.

Advantages of Even Brake's Proportional Braking:

  • Full emergency braking when you need it, no excessive brake wear during normal braking (unlike basic "on or off" systems)

  • Stop completely in less time and shorter distance

  • Reduced chance of critical brake failure, such as when descending steep mountain grades

Why Use a Supplementary Towed Car Braking System?

  • It’s required in most U.S. states and Canadian provinces (Even Brake meets all current U.S. and Canadian requirements)

  • Prevents voiding motorhome chassis warranty by towing more than specified limits without supplementary brakes(Workhorse: 1000 lbs. Ford: 1500 lbs.)

  • Reduce wear on motorhome brakes, extending their life

  • Reduce stress on tow bar, mounting brackets and towed car frame

Even Brake comes complete with an emergency break away system that brings your towed car to a controlled stop if it accidentally separates from the motorhome; an easy-to-read, wireless dashtop monitor with red/yellow/green LED braking condition indicator, LCD text message status explanation and audio emergency alert tone, and the compact, lightweight braking unit that fits easily into virtually any vehicle, including compact SUVs. Requires one-time installation and set-up, available at our SuperCenters nationwide.

See Braking Weights Map document below.

Technical Specs

Tech Specs

Weight: 22.45 lbs.


Manufacturer: Roadmaster Inc

Mfg Part #: 9400

Tech Notes: Shipping Weight: 24 lbs.

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Even Brake Towed Car Braking System: Customer Reviews

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Reviewed by 14 customers


Stay Down

437 out of 658 people found this review helpful.
October 24, 2005
For the most part it was good. However what I did notice that after having to stop several times I had to go back to the car and re-seat the unit because it climbed over the front seat.
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Safe, Easy and Reiable System

305 out of 476 people found this review helpful.
December 29, 2005
This system worked very well. I had to use it during a panic stop situation on one of our California freeways. The emergency stop override system applied a maximum amount of braking pressure to my tow vehicle's brakes and my entire rig stopped straight and safe. After this one incident I felt that the system more than paid for it’s self by saving the back of my motor home and the front of my tow car. I was in constant touch with my towed car at all times. The self-diagnostic test system recognized a problem that had occurred during a very steep downhill grade and alerted me instantly. I stopped safely, re-adjusted the unit and went on my way in a matter of minutes. I found that set up was as fast and easy as I was told, and the system remembered all my settings even after I disconnect it. However, I did notice that after having to stop several times I had to go back to the car and re-adjust the unit because it wanted to climb up the front of the driver's seat. Regardless, it was such a minor inconvenience especially after the performance it delivered during my entire trip, I didn't care a bit. I felt very safe and it was very comforting to knowing that I had a quality braking system incase I needed it for an emergency stop. The system even comes complete with an emergency breakaway system that I hope to never need. I would buy it again without giving it another thought.
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Remote Sensor

390 out of 650 people found this review helpful.
September 22, 2006
The system works great, and the unit is quite easy to hookup and remove from the tow vehicle once you've done it a time or two. (The actual original installation of the system is very extensive and, in my opinion, best left to paid professionals, however.) Our only problem has been false readings on the remote system inside the motorhome. After braking a few times repeatedly, the remote sometimes indicates that the tow car is still being braked, even though it is not (yes, we have pulled over and checked the system in the tow car). Now, we just unplug and replug the remote from the 12V outlet. This clears the false reading and resets the remote so it is working correctly again.
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Compressor runs every 10 to 15 seconds to keep system operating. Why so often when not braking.
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