Fat Trapper

Fat Trapper

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Dispose of hot cooking grease with no mess.


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Fat Trapper works like a charm

We purchased one of these fat trappers and it works great. I used to save cans to dump hot grease into but that was really messy.

Fat Trapper

I have been using the Fat Trapper for years and find it indespensible for camping. It provides a safe, convient way to dispose of

Great product - a must have in my book

We use our fat trapper at home and when we leave camping, we put in campers fridge and take it with us. It's nice to be able to cl

a lot for a little

Use these all the time in the camper. Liked it so much I got one for home too. When it is full, just fold over top, secure with

Love it

We use it every time we camp, especially at breakfast. It's much less mess to pour the grease into the Fat Trapper each time we f


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