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Fridge-It Deodorizer

Fridge-It Deodorizer

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Keep your fridge and freezer smelling fresh!


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Really works to eliminates odors and clean the air!

Fridge-its can go just about anywhere to clean the air and eliminate odors. I use them in our cars and truck as well as household

We use it at home, too.

The advertising says this is good for six months. We have found it possible to stretch it out beyond that. It certainly lasts for

If it works on sea food chinese it will work on anything!

I bought one of these on sale to try out in RV fridge. We had purchased the RV used and the fridge had a musty odor. On our first

So many different uses for Fridge-It

I have been using fridge-It for many years now and am always thrilled with how well it works. It is such an inexpensive simple lo

Really works fantastic

If you have not tried Fridge-It, you really need to. I first used this product to get rid of lingering smells in my RV refrigerat


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