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Good Sam 5" RVND5525 GPS Powered by Rand McNally

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An RV adventure is more than an ordinary car trip. Which is why you need more than your car GPS.
The RVND5525 is the ideal size for smaller RV dashboards such as those on Class C and Class B motorhomes or on pickups, vans and SUVs towing trailers or 5th wheels. It offers all the same features as the 7" Good Sam RVND7725 GPS in a more compact size. It was designed to meet the unique challenges of driving an RV with award-winning routing and tools that help you plan, prepare, and enjoy the ride. Choose your vehicle from 11 different RV types, including Class A, fifth wheel, and travel trailer. The RVND5525 accounts for propane restrictions and even right- or left-hand turn preferences. Or switch to car mode for everyday use.

New Features:
  • All-new design featuring easy-grip hardware, brighter screen that adjusts for low and strong light, and upgraded speaker.
  • Wi-Fi—Connect to a wireless hotspot or mobile access point on your smartphone to access connected services:
    • Weather—Dynamic weather data, including current and forcasted information for your current location, destination and anywhere along your route. Choose from 10 different live map overlays to display important information for RVers, such as wind speed and precipitation.
    • Fuel prices—View fuel prices on the map or search by price, fuel type or brand.
    • Local search—Find local businesses, restaurants and more by name or keyword.
    • Traffic Everywhere—Get traffic information, even in rural areas (Premium service—purchase on Rand McNally Dock.)
  • Fuel log—Track fuel purchases, including where purchased, gallons and total cost, and organize by date or state.
  • Includes Lifetime Maps.
RV Tools:
  • Junction View with lane assist—Manage complex interchanges in 3D
  • Warnings for speed limit changes, sharp curves, dirt roads, and other potential hazards
  • Exits Quick View—RV parking and amenities at exits
  • RV checklists—Prepare for trip departure, campsite setup, or create your own list
  • Trails—Record a "bread crumb" path from the campsite, or a favorite shortcut
  • Quick Planner—Calculate time, distance, and cost for trips between any two cities or towns
  • Address Book—Sort by name, distance, or date added; create map icons and address book groups
  • Route comparison—Choose between a primary and alternate route
Trip Planning:
  • Predictive traffic—Routing based on historical traffic patterns
  • Multi-stop trips
  • Millions of points of interest
  • Thousands of RV parks and campgrounds
  • Good Sam reviewed campgrounds with searchable amenities
  • Custom POIs—Flexible importing of additional POIs from websites, with customizable icons and text-to-speech descriptions as you drive
  • Rand McNally Editor's Picks, including Best of the Road adventures, trips, and getaways
Box contents:
  • Good Sam GPS RVND 5525-LM
  • Windshield mount with suction cup
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Vehicle charger
  • USB cable
This item qualifies for Product Protection coverage! Protect Your Investment! Product Protection eliminates out-of-pocket expenses and protects against costly product repairs or replacement. We’ll cover 100% parts and labor for up to two years following the expiration of your manufacturer’s warranty. Warranty service is available at any Camping World SuperCenter.

Technical Specs

Tech Specs

Weight: 2 lbs.


Manufacturer: Rand Mcnally & Co

Mfg Part #: 528011138


Good Sam 5" RVND5525 GPS Powered by Rand McNally: Customer Reviews

Camper's Choice Rating

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Excellent fuel log (1)
Poor route calculations (3)
Chargers do not work (1)
Crowded screen (1)
Faulty (1)
Poor menu design (1)

Reviewed by 7 customers



0 out of 0 people found this review helpful.
March 28, 2015
Do not buy this unit. The routes are unreliable. It seems determined to take me down single lane and even some dirt roads even though it is in RV mode with proper information entered. Luckily I was familiar with one road and another was when we were without the trailer. It rarely takes us to our exact destination. Also - after a couple months the charger stopped working. I called Rand McNally and they sent me a new charger and it didn't work either and the charger was hot when I pulled it out.
Cons: Unreliable, Faulty, Chargers do not work
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Not worth the money

0 out of 0 people found this review helpful.
January 27, 2015
I've owned and used this thing for nearly a year. The route planning is atrocious. I have it set to always choose the fastest route. Invariably, it selects a route that includes getting off a freeway and traveling through half a dozen Podunk towns. Twenty percent of the time it can't put me within 1/4 mile of the final destination. One nightmare of a trip was unbelievable. FIVE times in a three mile stretch it told me I was at my destination when there was nothing but tobacco fields around me. When I finally found my destination (sheer luck) the GPS said I still had two miles to go! The only good features in the device are the adequate screen size and the fuel log. All of the others are clunky at best and mostly useless. Sorry I was suckered into buying it. Would never recommend it.
Pros: Excellent fuel log
Cons: Unreliable, Poor route calculations
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Terribly dissatisfied

0 out of 0 people found this review helpful.
January 22, 2015
I was one of the first purchasers and it is terrible. The maps lack detail providing only major roads and streets. The charting takes you so far out of the way I have to shut it off. Traveling from Springfield, IL to Montgomery, AL it had me taking back country roads that would have extended driving time by almost 4 hours when the Interstate went directly to my destination. I not only map out my trips before I get on the road but I carry a standard GPS to be able to see the adjoining roads and streets. It's pre-sale advertising made it sound like the greatest thing since cheap gas but the reality is something else. Without detailed maps that are as detailed as every other GPS this thing is worthless to the serious traveler. I would never recommend this device to anyone and if I could get my money back I would, but too late.
Cons: Poor route calculations
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Very poor design

0 out of 0 people found this review helpful.
January 19, 2015
I've had this GPS for about 4 months now. Get the larger 7" version. This screen is too crowded and difficult to read with the 5" screen. There are far too many menu locations and unintelligent set-up within each menu location. Many times I know an item exists in a menu...somewhere. Locating it is difficult and time consuming. The routing is also questionable. We are full-time. My wife follows behind our 5th wheel in our CRV when changing locations. Her GPS is calculating much more efficient routes. This one adds as many as 40 to 50 miles to a 300 mile trip. When we're burning diesel at 9 to 10 mpg, this can add up to significant dollars. I'm very disappointed in this GPS. I would return it if I could.
Cons: Poor menu design, Poor route calculations, Small screen, Crowded screen
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0 out of 0 people found this review helpful.
September 29, 2014
So far it is terrible. I printed the manual. (Why don't they supply you with one?) Right now I am stuck in Custom POIS to import won't let me click on import now or don't import so can't use the device. Took an hour to charge and then I couldn't input anything. So there, I am stuck miles from nowhere and it wouldn't work. I contacted Rand and am still waiting for a reply. I haven't owned it a month, terribly disappointed.
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0 out of 0 people found this review helpful.
July 17, 2014
Found out why my gps wouldn't register. Got it registered and it is great. Have imported trips for trip maker and it works great. Love all the features of this unit, Haven't used wifi yet. Beats the gps I was using.
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Good, but....

0 out of 0 people found this review helpful.
February 27, 2014
OK, I just bought this GPS as a replacement and have only had it long enough to try a couple of short trips. I love the larger size compared to my other GPS and that the Good Sam campground database is already in it. What I find most disappointing is that I can't specify maximum driving speed to get more accurate arrival times - the GPS assumes you are driving close to maximum posted speed. I can do a city-to-city check with a limiting speed, but actual trips don't let me do that - I thought from the description this GPS would allow that and that was one of the reasons I got this unit. I also am limited to two voices; both a bit hard to understand. Perhaps with practice, I'll get as fast at programming this GPS as I am with the other one, but right now I give my other GPS the edge for usefulness. This GPS is also death to batteries. Overall, it is a good unit, takes some getting used to and I'll probably learn to like it but had I known I can't set a maximum speed for calculations I would not have spent the cash. If Rand McNally would update the software to allow speed settings and work on voice clarity I think I could learn to love this one too.
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does it include Canadian maps
1 answer(s)
Do you enter your vehicle height in this GPS for restrictions such as low bridges etc?
1 answer(s)
where is this product made?
1 answer(s)
What are the dimensions?
1 answer(s)
Does the 5 inch have all the same features as the 7 inch version?
2 answer(s)
Does this have access to hook up a back up camera to it?
1 answer(s)
Does it tell you to make a turn using landmarks?
1 answer(s)
Can map coordinates be entered for a destination & will GPS direct unit to location entered?
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does this have lifetime maps
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Does this track height and tunnel restrictions?
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