LED Replacement Bulbs - 906/912/921/922, 6-Pack

LED Replacement Bulbs - 906/912/921/922, 6-Pack

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Enjoy bright, energy efficient 12-volt lighting in your RV simply by replacing incandescent bulbs with LED bulbs that are 75% more efficient.


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  • Doesn't get hot like a regular light bulb (3)
  • Easy to install (3)
  • Bright light (2)
  • Very white (1)
  • Failed in less than six weeks (1)
  • Flickers (1)
  • Not bright enough (1)
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All it claims

Very bright and very power efficient. However.. Use sparingly. They are very bright and VERY white. Not a warm like light that y

Best investment ever!

We bought 2 packs to change all in our trailer. On the lights we don't use often I removed the original bulbs and replaced with

906 LED replacement bulbs.

Much brighter light with no heat. I don't mind the bright white the bulb puts out, I can now see in the camper with much less dr

White light

Camping World needs to show whiteness in kelvin measurement so we know what we are purchasing.


For you who are saying you are having trouble with your bulbs, they have a five year warranty. Use it and get free replacements, I


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