Portable Surge Guard Protectors, 30 amp

Portable Surge Guard Protectors, 30 amp

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Perfect for pop-ups and travel trailers.


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surge guard does the job

Bought it, used it, worked great. Gave me peace of mind the power pedestal was correctly wired... great buy !

Peace of mind

Just bought it used it a couple of weeks ago. Realized they had an open ground. Now it is the first piece I hook up. Makes my

Low priced solution

As surge guards go, this is pretty low priced and has a rather high joule protection rating. It appears to be pretty well made.

worth the money

I would not camp without a surge protector. The last one we had saved our camper from possible damage on two occasions. If I w


Our motor home may not be brand new but it's an investment for us. We want all the protection we can get for our electrical syst


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