Portable Surge Guard with LCD Display, 30 Amp

Portable Surge Guard with LCD Display, 30 Amp

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Unresolved issue

My first version of this product worked fine for several years. My second one worked for about 18 months, then would indicate the

Expected more

My assessment is as the first one mentioned. Same scenario, weather may have had an effect but wasn't any lightning in the area. T

One-season wonder

This was an expensive purchase for my limited budget, but for safety I bought it. Alas, a few short months (weeks!) later, it stop

Portable Surge Guard with LCD Display

This item lasted ONE camping season! For the amount I spent on this I would expect to get more than one season out of it. We have

Re review of newer product

I originally reviewed this product and was not at all happy that it lasted one season. I never contacted camping world or the manu


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