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Quick Turn By-Pass Kit

Quick Turn By-Pass Kit

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Save on antifreeze when you winterize with the Quick Turn Permanent Water Heater By-Pass Kit.


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Great kit but ...

The kit is set up for fittings that come straight out of the water tank. If your tank has 45 or 90 degree elbows on it and semi-ri

Installing kit in a Lazy Daze Mid Bath

All worked ok but... Bypass valve ports are marked incorrectly and flow direction is not indicated as mentioned in the instructio


Great product, but not the easiest to install.... Lot's of arm-reaching behind cabinettes and wires to get to the hot water inl

Good Product

This was a good investment but very hard to install. Had to purchase extra parts from hardware store just to make it work. The

winterizing kit

The system works well and saves enough antifreeze to pay for irself. The only installation problem is the heater water intake g


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