Rand McNally RVND 8" Tablet GPS

Rand McNally RVND 8" Tablet GPS

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Rand McNally’s latest and most advanced GPS system comes preloaded on an Android tablet for multipurpose use in your RV, other vehicles or at home.


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  • Difficult to program without an established history (1)
  • Has only single input for external camera (1)
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  • Poor internal speaker quality (1)


With no ability to copy and paste the address from Google into the trip planner you are forced to use pen and paper to write down

My assesment of the RVT tablet 80

The first issue that I have so far is that Google Play Store was not installed. I was quite disappointed in finding that out. I ca

Buy a folding paper map

The Magellan RV9490T-LMB I had been using for 3 years died, probably from heat stroke. I purchased a Rand McNally RV80T from Campi


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