Rhino Extreme Sewer Hose Kit, 15'

Rhino Extreme Sewer Hose Kit, 15'

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Won’t crush, even if you accidentally step on it.


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  • End junction flops out (3)
  • End junction highly suspect (1)
  • Locking ring does not stay locked (1)
  • I have had nothing but leaks (1)

Extreme heavy duty hose

I bought this hose, as the one the dealer supplied when I bought the RV was pretty much useless. I wanted a hose that would perfor

Works Fine

i used it for the first time and it worked fine. It is heavy duty.

Missing Parts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bought this from the dealer. My fault I know I should have checked it out before we got to the site. Once I got it out of the box

connector pain

I have a pass through into my sewer connection compartment. To make this hose fit the hole I will have to grind off the four tan

Good hose

Works as advertised. This is one area that I don't want to be cheap. Nothing like a hose that leaks when you are dumping - you k


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