Saveajack - 2pk (Jack Mounting Bracket)

Saveajack - 2pk (Jack Mounting Bracket)

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Are you tired of damaging your trailer and stabilizer jacks, because they hang too low?


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Easiest way to save your jacks

These Saveajacks were easy to install and are very simple to use, no more torn up jacks when you get to your camping spot. These


The Saveajacks are wonderful. We purchased one set as we have a travel trailer that has a very low rear and of course we ripped


I can't say enough about this product. I had removed my rear jacks as they had been bent a few times. I was placing them on the gr

Money saver.

It helps with the problem of inclines catching the stabilizer jacks and ripping them off or bending them to unusable shape. It's

The Real Deal

Ordered the save a jack and 4 new jacks.They work like a charm! Just slide them out when traveling and back in when you camp. Did


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