Screen Door Grills - White

Screen Door Grills - White

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Durable metal grill now sports a fresh, contemporary design.


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Protects the screen

This does protect the screen from our dogs feet. Because of the narrow frame around our screen, I had to mount the grill sideway

Great RV protection for your screen door

This was a great addition to the RV. The dogs like putting their feet against the screen door when they see stuff outside. Since

White screen door grill

Looks great, easy to install. No worries about our dog leaping through the door going after a squirrel.

Screen Door Grill

We have a young German shepherd so this item is a must. It installed easily, keeps the screen door protected, and looks great. O

Screen door grill

This product made the screen door sturdier and keeps the grandchildren and dog from pushing the screen out. However, I had to modi


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