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Splendide 2100XC Washer Dryer Combo - White

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Extra-capacity drum washes 20% bigger loads then dries them up to 35% faster.
Washes up to 15 lbs. of laundry; dries up to 11 lbs. Redesigned vented drying system dries laundry up to 35% faster than previous models. LEDs display up-to-the-minute cycle status. Larger 11 1/2" dia. door opening makes loading and unloading easier. Heavier-duty internal components add durability for RV or marine use. Silent, brushless AC motor makes this the quietest RV washer/dryer combo available today. Unique Add-An-Item feature lets you add laundry during the cycle. Fits easily into cut-out space of previous model yet weighs 13 lbs. less. Unit dimensions are 33 1/8"H x 23 1/2"W x 22 5/8"D.

More User-Friendly Features

  • Automatic prewash, detergent, fabric softener and bleach dispenser
  • Detergent recycling system
  • Automatic load balance control
  • Automatic water level control
  • Dual tumble direction
  • Add-An-Item feature
  • Low Heat option
  • Low Spin option
  • Extra Rinse option
  • Prewash option
  • Wash Temperature selector
  • Dry Time selector
  • Selectable Cotton, Synthetics, Wool Dry
  • Cotton Heavy-Duty Wash cycles: Super, Heavy, Regular, Express
  • Permanent Press Wash cycles: Heavy, Regular, Delicates, Express
  • Gentle Wash cycles: Silk, Wool
This item qualifies for Product Protection Plan coverage.

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Product Protection Plan eliminates out-of-pocket expenses and protects against costly product repairs or replacement. We'll cover 100% parts and labor for up to two years following the expiration of your manufacturer's warranty. Warranty service is available at any Camping World SuperCenter.

Technical Specs

Tech Specs

Weight: 153 lbs.

Dimensions: 33 1/8"H x 23 1/2"W x 22 5/8"D


Warranty: Mfr. 1 year limited RV warranty, extendable to 5 years.

Manufacturer: Westland Sales

Mfg Part #: WD2100XC

Tech Notes:

  • 120-volt, 11 amp
  • 33 1/8"H x 23 1/2"W x 22 5/8"D
  • Min. installation clearance: 0" sides, 1" front and back
  • Max. wash capacity: 15 lbs.
  • Max. dry capacity: 11 lbs.
  • Variable spin: 1200 / 800 / 600 RPM
  • Water consumption: 7 1/2 to 16 gallons per load
  • 160° door swing
  • Water overflow/flood protection
  • Self-cleaning pump
  • Heavy-duty shock absorbers
  • Stainless steel drum
  • 6' power cord
  • 2 self-locking adjustable feet
  • Vented drying system

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    Splendide 2100XC Washer Dryer Combo - White: Customer Reviews

    Camper's Choice Rating

    (5 Based on 29 Reviews)

    Reliable (2)
    Easy to use controls (1)
    Efficient (1)
    Good size (1)

    Reviewed by 29 customers


    Great product

    0 out of 0 people found this review helpful.
    January 26, 2015
    We purchased this to replace the one that died in our 2000 Motor Home. Splendide is a great company, this unit is significantly improved from the old model.
    Pros: Reliable, Easy to use controls
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    Best W/D Combo, Period

    0 out of 0 people found this review helpful.
    December 15, 2014
    We installed this in our 5ver toy hauler. It cleans clothes well, uses not little water, and is quiet. Just put your clothes in, start the machine, and forget about it. When you check on it a couple of hours later clothes are very clean and dry. I usually dry about 70 minutes for normal laundry and 90 for towels. The manufacturer recommends using liquid fabric softener, and that seems to work well for me. I have recommended this machine to several RVing friends and they are happy with it as well.
    Pros: Reliable, Efficient, Good size
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    The Best Combo W/D Made!!!!

    0 out of 0 people found this review helpful.
    September 21, 2014
    Let me begin with this, I work in the Oilfield, so unlike many reviews of these units, I depend on mine day in and day out for 9+ months a year. My choice to purchase the 2100XC came down to one key feature, VENTED DRYING CYCLE. I had read nightmare reviews and spoke with many people I work with to get their opinion. The difference is the VENTED DRYING CYCLE. I would recommend anyone looking for a washer/dryer in a trailer to this unit. I have absolutely no trouble out of it. It has 3 Dry only cycles, and all wash cycles can disable the dryer if you like. It has no trouble drying a full load (full not stuffed and overloaded). I can wash 2 pairs of jeans 2 shirts 2 boxers 2 pairs of socks in 1 load and it drys EVERY TIME in less than 80 min. The max drying time selectable is 120 min. So, I'm sure if I wanted I could put a little bit more in there. Also, I use the Tide Pods, they work great with the HE system. Throw them straight in the drum, select your cycle, select drying time/heat, press start. I would say an average loads takes approximately 1.5-2 hours. There is an express cycle option that cuts it down do about 1 -1.5 hours, but the load size must be reduced. Either way, this is a great product and I would recommend anyone looking to stop right here, you have found the one. The Vent Kit (if your trailer/RV does not have a preinstalled vent) requires a 4 hole saw, a drill, and a calk gun with outdoor silicone. I had to install the vent as well, took approximately 45 minutes start to finish.
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    Excellent combo

    0 out of 0 people found this review helpful.
    December 01, 2013
    I bought my unit a few months ago, only 2 years old and rarely used. It was an excellent purchase. The load guidelines in the manual work well and I have figured out the amount of items for my needs that require either 80 or 100 minutes of drying time. I highly recommend it.
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    Great Machine

    0 out of 0 people found this review helpful.
    July 23, 2013
    Great unit, couldn't imagine touring without a W/D. Clothes come out really clean. I can start a load and when I come back to check on it, it is dry. A full load of towels takes 3 hours to wash and dry, sheets take less time. As long as the drum isn't overloaded it works well. I would recommend it to any rv'er with the space. I installed the unit in the back after we put in a grey water drain and ran H/C water, the vent was easy to install through the hull.
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    Drying problems

    0 out of 0 people found this review helpful.
    July 03, 2013
    Have had my Splendide 2100XC for a little over 1 year. Lately have noticed that cloths, 3 pr of shorts, 3 mens underwear and 6 hankercheif in last load yesterday, were still very damp after 60 minutes of dryer time with the wash cycle set on #4. A couple of times I came home only to find that the Red light was blinking and it sounded as if it was draining an empty drum, yet the cloths were wet. Have heard of a few others with the same problem.
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    Great washer

    0 out of 0 people found this review helpful.
    June 02, 2013
    I bought this washer several months ago. I waited to write a review until I was sure I liked it and it was reliable. I am very happy with this washer dryer combo. The clothes come out clean. I am a single 50+ woman so the capacity is not an issue for me. I am not an RVer. I have a mother-in-law apartment in the basement of my house. I lease out the upper floors. This washer/dryer is perfect for an apartment. It fits into a closet that backs up to the bathroom, which made plumbing possible. I would recommend this appliance to anyone who doesn't need large capacity. I love not having to remember to transfer clothes between the washer and dryer.
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    Washer/Dryer Combo

    0 out of 0 people found this review helpful.
    April 13, 2013
    Been trying to have the combo installed in our fifth wheel for more than a year and finally worked it into our schedule last month. Was a little concerned upfront about the installation whereas drilling a 4 inch hole in your slide could have been an accident waiting to happen. However, the folks at Denton did a fantastic job and we couldn’t be more pleased with the performance of the combo. The key to using the combo is simply don’t overload and “always use” fabric softener. Really don’t miss going to those public laundry mats that always seem to be dirty.
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    Great Product

    0 out of 0 people found this review helpful.
    April 02, 2013
    This seems to be a great little machine. Have used it about three weeks now and it works perfectly. It was purchased for our sailboat but haven't installed it yet. It is quiet and actually washed a larger load than I had expected. Nice Surprise. It is the vented model and in dryer mode worked nicely.
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    0 out of 0 people found this review helpful.
    August 29, 2012
    My wife is really pleased with the new washer-dryer. Best part is she can now open the door to make changes without waiting for the end of the cycle.
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    Splendide 2100 XC Washer Dryer Combo

    0 out of 0 people found this review helpful.
    May 08, 2012
    We are full-timers and I bought this machine as we are 30 miles from the nearest laundramat! Wow.....what a wonderful machine! My clothes come out cleaner than my home washer/dryer. The trick is... DO NOT OVERLOAD. My whites are spectacular. I dry my shirts 20 minutes and then hang them up...NO wrinkles. I wash my jeans and hang...No wrinkles. My clothes are soft and smell wonderful. This little machine was well worth my money. We had Camping World in New Braunfels, TX install our machine and they were thoughtful, courteous and completed the work on time as promised. We would go out of our way to do business with Camping World in New Braunfels!
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    splendide 2100xc washer dryer combo

    1 out of 1 people found this review helpful.
    April 01, 2012
    We have had our washer dryer only a short time. It was easy to install in our fifth wheel and has worked flawlessly so far. We are pleased with the quality of materials and workmanship and the ease of use.
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    Very nice item

    5 out of 5 people found this review helpful.
    April 27, 2011
    We recently purchased a new washer/dryer combo. Wonderful! It does a great job washing and drying. After you learn the proper technique of loading to wash, and dry. We don't have to find and haul every out to a laundrymat. A very good investment
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    Very HaPpY Overall :)

    27 out of 28 people found this review helpful.
    March 28, 2011
    Our unit arrived within a week and it came with the water hoses. Pros: Compact and reasonably quiet machine; product tray for bleach, detergent, and fabric softener; multiple settings for washing and drying; washer cleans very well; dryer also drys very well (with a caveat - please see below). High RPM spin means that you can remove the clothes right after the wash cycle and they will not take long to hang dry. Convenient idea - place dry clothes in and then wash/dry in the same tub without any further work from me! Cons: Small tub that you cannot fill because you need room for the clothes to tumble dry (to reduce wrinkling); clothes come out VERY wrinkly if you overload or do not take some care in how you dry them. Here is how I get the best results: I use an Oxy Clean gel stick to pre-treat clothes with tough stains like oil; add about 1 tbsp HE detergent and softener to the tray; fill the machine 1/2 - 2/3 of the way (pair of jeans, 2 long sleeve shirts, and a towel); if I pre-treated I will select an extra rinse to remove any chance of buildup; Set unit on #4 (wash/dry combo) and dryer timer on 100 (80 if I am just drying lighter things like shirts - 120 if it is all towels). Following this pattern, most things will come out manageably wrinkled. To reduce wrinkles further: Remove jeans at end of wash cycle and shake/smooth flat (to remove some of the wrinkles that occur from the high spin rpms); then place back in tub and resume cycle. For shirts, I shake and place back in the tub; resuming the high cotton heat cycle, but when the clothes get closer to being done, I click the low heat button. By doing this and drying to the point where there is just the slightest bit of moisture left in the shirts, you reduce the wrinkling down to a very low level. To wash whites/darks together, I use the Shout Color Catcher sheets to keep my darks from bleeding onto the whites - they work very well!
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    sale goes on and shipping price gets added

    0 out of 0 people found this review helpful.
    March 01, 2011
    Was about to buy the 2100XC because it was on sale but noticed when they mark the price down $300, they charge shipping of $150 (it used to be free shipping). So....its really only on sale $150 off original price.
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    0 out of 0 people found this review helpful.
    February 16, 2011
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    12 out of 15 people found this review helpful.
    February 07, 2011
    What can I say but wonderful. Will never be without ever again
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    If you have the room go for it

    19 out of 19 people found this review helpful.
    February 23, 2010
    Been RVing for near 45 years now. I've had a washer/dryer combo for near 20 of these. Wouldn't RV without one. Sure the load size is smaller then at home, but again sure beats stopping at some unknown (funky) wash n dry place. My last Splendide 2000 lasted 11 years of hard use (come on RV's are rolling earthquakes). Still ran but I wanted a newer larger tub model. Camping world did a nice job of replacing the old one. NO DAMAGE or stains anywhere! Thanks CW!
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    Splendide vented combo unit

    20 out of 20 people found this review helpful.
    February 17, 2010
    We have had our Splendide since 2006. Both of us like the unit, because we can keep up with the laundry while traveling. The unit is quiet, so we do laundry in the evening. Minimal vibration, but very efficient. The only negative is you have to get used to the smaller loads than at home, but not too much of a problem for us. My wife says we will never have another camper without one. I agree.
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    New 2100xcp

    30 out of 35 people found this review helpful.
    October 28, 2009
    Having a Splendide for 2 years in old coach with a great experience, I ordered the new one for the new coach. Product was installed, we left our Camping World for the winter in the south. 2400 miles away and within 2 weeks of purchase, we found the control board on the washer is defective. Warranty covers parts/labor, however removal and replacement into the coach and any mileage to get to repairs are NOT covered.
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    A dream come true Splendide 2100XC Washer

    27 out of 50 people found this review helpful.
    June 14, 2008
    I waited 2 1/2 years after getting our new 5 th wheel to get a washer and dryer to replace our old trusty stackers I had in our 15 year old rig that we bought new and traveled in full time. I started to hear good things about a Splendide 2100XC Washer/Dryer. So I started to check it out. I went to Google for information till I was blue in the face well maybe just tired. I'm one that takes a long time to make up my mind. I have to have enough data to make me know that I'm making the best choice and not spending more than I need to for it. The next step best price $1578.52 - $969.00+ship. I call CW to see if they have one in stock, they did no $137.00 ship. I don't want to man handle it, or cut a hole in my rig for dryer vent. Installed $198.00. When I bought the rig we bought an extended warranty Good Sam 7 years. It covers anything that is professionally installed. I have 4 1/2 years left on my warranty so why not pay to have it installed. I made my appointment. I also used 12 months CW option so I have more money for fuel this summer. This winter when I'm siting I'll have money to pay it off. I had 2 weeks worth of laundry waiting to be done my husband said let me take it to the Laundromat it will take to long to do all this in our new machine. It took me 2 days to do it all. I'm not sorry I got the machine I did. I could have done it faster but I was learning with each load. 10 days now and I still love it. I'm washing things that never seem to make it to the Laundromat. I have a fresh smell in my house, clean clothes. It is like bringing in the out doors. My clothes are cleaner, I'm not spending money on fuel to get there. The folding the big items to dry seems really strange but it works like a charm. I also have the peace of mind that if anything goes wrong within 4 1/2 years I'm covered without the extra cost. You can also buy an extended warranty from Splendide that is 5 years for $178.00. So you can have the peace of mind too.
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    Great machine

    32 out of 54 people found this review helpful.
    April 21, 2008
    I actually purchased this for my condo, because I was in the bizarre situation of having both washer and dryer hookups but space for only one machine. The machine is great. Compared to a standard home W/D, it doesn't hold as much and takes longer to wash and dry, but it cleans the clothes great and is very energy efficient. Also, it goes straight from wash to dry, so you can just set it and come back with your clothes all dry. That is a huge convenience compared to a standard W/D. A well-done product.
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    A Great Mechine

    70 out of 121 people found this review helpful.
    February 13, 2008
    I have used the Splendide 2000, 2000S and now the Splendide 2100XC, and this Washer/Dryer Combo is far better and easier to use. Your clothes come out whiter and brighter and soft. It is extremely easy to use. There is no noise factor. You can not hear it unless your standing right next to it. I recommend it to every one who has an RV.
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    Very nice combo unit.

    74 out of 133 people found this review helpful.
    February 07, 2008
    I just installed this in a Everest 345S. I works really well and gets clothes clean. The manual says to keep vent duct as short as possible, with where it is in my coach I had to use about 5 feet of duct and the dryer still works great. Anyone wanting a combo unit do not pass this model up. Normal load times range from 2 to 3 hours. It beats packing clothes to the laundry mat. I would buy this product again if I had to.
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    Best Decision we made

    84 out of 140 people found this review helpful.
    January 31, 2008
    We installed this unit in January 08 in our 3400RL Montana. Best decision we have ever made pertaining to our full timer lifestyle. No more laundrys with questionable machines. We are currently in the Portland Oregon area and with all of the humidity it performs quite well. Items get clean and dry. Drying times are a little long but, what can you expect from a 120V dryer. This unit meets or exceeds all of its advertised features. If you have an RV that is ready for a W/D and you are considering what model to install, give this one some serious thought.
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    Would love other's opinion re Drying Time

    0 out of 0 people found this review helpful.
    January 03, 2008
    Since this unit isn't 220volt or gas, I'd love to know everyone's opin that has bought this or previous units as to drying time as compared to a regular home unit. I'm hoping because it's vented that it dries in reasonable time...
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    My Wife Likes It

    114 out of 198 people found this review helpful.
    December 21, 2007
    Camping World, Las Vegas, installed the Splendide 2100XC last week. Nice clean installation. After using it for a week, my wife is very happy. It is our first washer/dryer in a RV and the unit is compact, works well and was easy to install in our 40' DP. The clothes are coming out clean and a complete cycle takes about 3 hours. The unit is quiet and has a little vibration when running. I would recommend this product to a friend.
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    My new washer

    366 out of 548 people found this review helpful.
    October 17, 2007
    We just had the new 2100XC installed at the Camping World in Oklahoma City. I had always said I would never have a washer/dryer in our coach but after being full time and depending on laudromats that you never knew who or what had been using those machines I decided to get one., Well, it is great. The convenience is the best and the machine is really nice. We are still on a learning curve with it but we have had some great results. I find it is best to wash and then take your clothes out and shake them good before going on to the drying cycle. I take certain things out before they are completely dry and they wrinkle less. The machine is so quiet you don't even hear it. We are totally happy with our decision.
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    Super Splendide

    360 out of 555 people found this review helpful.
    September 22, 2007
    This combo does it all. Can't believe that I have been without a washer dryer in my coach for so long. Can't think of anything better.
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    what is the spin speed.
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    Is the door reversible?
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    What is the cubic foot capacity?
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    Can it be vented?
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    Can I use this washer dryer combo with only a cold water tap?
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    Is this unit ventless, and if so, how does that work?
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    How many watts of power does it draw?
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    Can this be installed in a small house, non mobile?
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