Suburban Anode Rod Replacement

Suburban Anode Rod Replacement

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Sacrificial anode rod protects your water heater tank from corrosion by attracting corrosive elements in water, so they attack the anode rod rather than your water heater tank interior.


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Original equipment

The original equipment version lasts longer than others. Works great.


The rod went in very easily. But remember to completely drain the system or the rod will shoot out. So don't stand in front of i

Anode Rod

I replaced the rod I had as it was aluminum and it did not work correctly IMO. I had a magnesium rod before the aluminum and it

Suburban Anode Rod

Actual Suburban replacement rod, not an imitation. Easy install and worked perfectly. Great product and I will buy another one n


Don't try and save a couple of bucks on this Item. Get the original for your water heater.


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