Thetford Fresh Water Tank Sanitizer

Thetford Fresh Water Tank Sanitizer

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Chlorine-free with no bleach smell or taste.


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The Taste !

It seems that it works Ok, But, there was still a little taste of old water in the system, But besides that it worked Ok.

All Clean

Maybe.... After following directions for Sanitizing my holding tank, I wondered how I could sanitize my hoses too. It would be ni

Fresh Water Tank and hoses

What I normally do in the early spring is put chlorine bleach into the inlet of the tank. Then lots of fresh water. I then turn

Much Better Than Bleach!

There are two things I can't stand in my RV's fresh water system: Bacteria and bleach! This product effectively takes care of bot

works great

1 of my friend never remembers to drain his hot water tank and the water stinks. I had to used this twice once last year and onc


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