Thetford SmartTote2 LX 4-Wheel Portable Waste Tank, 35 Gallon

Thetford SmartTote2 LX 4-Wheel Portable Waste Tank, 35 Gallon

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Thetford’s new SmartTote2 LX 4-wheel models are the ultimate portable waste water tanks offering larger capacities and a 40” sewer hose that remains attached to the tank for faster, more sanitary use.


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  • Like the design (2)
  • Easy to use (1)
  • Helps you practice cleaning up toxic waste (1)
  • It has four wheels (1)
  • Cover for hose storage area broke off (3)
  • Float assembly needs to be rethought (2)
  • Handle broke too easily (1)
  • Handle is too flimsy (1)
  • Hose won't stay on 90 degree elbow (1)

Good design, very poor materials

I ordered then received in just a few days from Camping World. I opened the box and the cover for the discharge hose was broken of

Thetford SmartTote 35 Gallon

I broke the first handle within a week. I called and was sent another one that broke in 2 weeks and it broke also. It's not a stro

Don't buy this

The tote design itself is ok, but the rest needs to be rethought. One minor point, the "I'm full flag" needs to be talle

Convenient product

I expressed my concerns with this product when I first purchased it about a year ago. Thetford actually read my review and immedi

Updated review

I put in a review and was very critical of this product. I was immediately contacted by Thetford and glad to report back they told


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