Waste Master RV Waste Management System

Waste Master RV Waste Management System

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Heavy-duty hose with helical coils on the outside and a smooth inside prevents waste from being trapped in the hose.


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  • More secure connection to RV waste pipe (3)
  • Camlock provides a superior (2)
  • Easy install (2)
  • Hose has smoother inside (2)
  • Indispensable (1)
  • Uses non-standard connectors (2)
  • Bends under the weight (1)
  • No clips in package (1)
  • Required permenant modification of current system (1)
  • Should come with caps for storage. I had to make my own. (1)

Waste master

As claimed, the inside of this hose is smoother than ordinary RV sewer hoses and is well packed. It has a big, heavy, permanently

Dumpstation nirvana!

I installed a Wastemaster 20' hose with cam-lock fittings (the same system used on fire hoses, tanker trucks, etc.). Currently, I


Until the entire RV industry adopts this cam-lock system, just don't do it. In the event of an emergency, your RV is now dependen

Quality product

For the past 15 years, I've used the light and flexible standard hoses by multiple companies. All fail within 1-2 years of st

Love this!

We have one of these and love it! So much better than the standard bayonet hoses. Yes, the cam lock requires some installation at


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