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Waste Master RV Waste Management System

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Heavy-duty hose with helical coils on the outside and a smooth inside prevents waste from being trapped in the hose.
Once the included cam adapter is installed on the RV sewer outlet, the hose connects with strong cam lock technology to prevent leaks. Easy-to-use nozzle has a built-in handle and dump lever for flow control. Integrated internal rubber sealed shut-off valve ensures total closure. Tapered rubber donut on nozzle fits securely into most sewer inlets. 90-degree discharge port is easy to position into any sewage inlet. Clear view port shows when hose is clean. Tough, puncture-resistant and UV-protected hose extends to 20’ and compresses to 6’ for storage. Made in USA.

Technical Specs

Tech Specs

Weight: 10.6 lbs.

Manufacturer: Lippert Components Inc

Mfg Part #: 359724

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Waste Master RV Waste Management System: Customer Reviews

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Hose has smoother inside (2)
Camlock provides a superior (2)
Easy install (1)
Indispensable (1)
Uses non-standard connectors (2)
Bends under the weight (1)
No clips in package (1)

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Waste master

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March 02, 2016
As claimed, the inside of this hose is smoother than ordinary RV sewer hoses and is well packed. It has a big, heavy, permanently attached nozzle with a clear view section and a shut-off valve. Based upon my many years of RV travel and using several brands of waste hoses I don’t like this one because: (1) To install this hose on a Recreational Vehicle (RV) the tabs on the RV's bayonet fitting must be sawed off, sanded smooth and the included CAM lock fitting must be permanently affixed with ABS glue to the RV's sewer outlet. Lippert, perhaps by design, does not make a short bayonet to CAM adapter available that would avoid requiring such a permanent alteration which prevents ever being able to use an ordinary RV sewer hose again. (2) RV owners who store their sewer hose in their square hollow bumper, cannot store this hose there. (3) It cannot be extended by connecting standard sewer hoses to reach a distant connection. (4) Having a shut-off valve on the sewer end of the hose is, in my opinion, an invitation for a disastrous hose rupture. Most RV owners wisely open their tank valves slowly to avoid putting excessive pressure on the hose, also making sure that the other end of the hose is open to avoid back pressure. It's bulky, heavy and incompatible with industry-standard RV waste hose fittings. RV storage space is precious, but this hose assembly is heavier and takes up more space than other 20-foot long waste hoses with detachable nozzles.
Pros: Hose has smoother inside
Cons: Uses non-standard connectors
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Dumpstation nirvana!

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May 02, 2016
I installed a Wastemaster 20' hose with cam-lock fittings (the same system used on fire hoses, tanker trucks, etc.). Currently, I just leave it attached to the dump outlet. I installed a third valve behind the utility bay wall and the hose has enough radius to exit the notch hatch or curve around back toward the bulkhead area. I can disconnect the hose and install a cam-lock cap on the outlet. The hose nozzle has a valve which seals water tight, but I made and extra cap that goes over the end of the nozzle as well. I just tuck the hose under the cord reel storage shelf, and I am done. I can store the whole hose under there if I want to "pretty it up" (even made a cover, but haven't used it yet). I am very happy with this set up after having used two other hose systems, including the Rhinoflex Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious model... that one leaked at the fitting out of the box (glad I tested it with grey water first!). Fixed it with some sealer, but it had the annoying habit of extending to its full length when used no matter what. Putting it away in a sealed plastic box was like reloading a jack-in-the-box. I eliminated the original sewer hose storage after I discovered that I would have to take off one of the valterra ends each and every time I wanted to use the hose. The first sewer hose was way worse than the Rhinoflex, because I constantly got stuck with the wire when installing the end. Talk about a design flaw!
Pros: Indispensable , The Concept Is Great And It Worked. , Hose has smoother inside , Camlock provides a superior , More secure connection to RV waste pipe
Cons: Should come with caps for storage. I had to make my own.
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October 24, 2016
Until the entire RV industry adopts this cam-lock system, just don't do it. In the event of an emergency, your RV is now dependent on the proprietary cam-lock attachments. Good luck finding those for some time to come. he system is very bulky and heavy compared to standard "extreme" hoses such as the Rhinoflex. It makes absolutely no sense to have the valve at the hose end with nothing more than a tapered donut. If the RV park's sewer system backs up, it will shoot the valve system up under pressure, (hopefully you are not standing near when it happens). I understand the marketing novelty of this product. It appears like other liquid handing hoses. The problem with that argument is that those other industries developed their entire liquid handling system with the cam-lick hose and the valve at the termination in mind. The storage racks on fuels and milk truck accommodate the bulky hose. There is no "adapter" that extends the existing valve 3" to 5" beyond where it once was. And, most importantly, the fittings are universal within that particular liquid handing industry. They are easily replaced and found. I returned mine for a refund immediately upon opening the box.
Pros: Easy install
Cons: No clips in package, Bends under the weight , Uses non-standard connectors , Required permenant modification of current system
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How would you repair the hose in the event of a problem?
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In the early information on this product there was a storage unit for this system is that available?
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Are extension hoses available??
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