Valterra Sewer Fittings

Valterra Sewer Fittings

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E-Z Coupler Fittings require no clamps and are easy on/off.

E-Z Coupler Valve Cap
Replace valve caps for easy on and off. 3/4" hose connection for draining grey water. 3 1/2" H x 4" dia.

E-Z Coupler Bayonet Adapter
Connect two sewer hoses quickly and easily without clamps with E-Z Coupler Bayonet Adapter. Attach a second hose fitted with #5686 E-Z On/Off Adapter (sold separately) to gain extra length. Self-threads into drain hose with no clamps required. Four bayonet hooks provide a secure, leak-proof seal.

E-Z Hose Coupler
E-Z Hose Coupler makes a quick and easy connection for your extension hose. Hoses won't pull apart while stretching or lifting to drain. By Valterra.

E-Z On/Off Adapter
E-Z On/Off 3" sewer hose Adapter fits Anonda and Valterra (formerly Grentec) valves. Built-in pressure points at all four gasket pegs ensure leak-free connection. Easy attachment and removal. By Valterra.

E-Z 90 Degree Sewer Adapter
E-Z 90 Degree Sewer Adapter has a 3/4" knock-out garden hose connection to drain your second grey water tank into one sewer opening.Use with #5723 E-Z Coupler Threaded Adapter (sold separately) for a custom fit in female threaded sewers.

E-Z Coupler Valve Cap
Internet Sale $9.44 Reg $11.54

E-Z Coupler Bayonet Adapter
Internet Sale $11.01 Reg $13.11

E-Z Hose Coupler
Internet Sale $9.00 Reg $13.64

E-Z On/Off Adapter
Internet Sale $10.47 Reg $13.64

E-Z 90 Sewer Adapter
Internet Sale $11.75 Reg $15.74

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