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ScanGauge II

ScanGauge II

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Ultra-compact multi-function vehicle monitor shows instant and average fuel economy as you drive.

Built-in fuel savings tools can help you save up to 33 percent in fuel costs. Helps you diagnose and troubleshoot problems by providing real-time data about your vehicle’s performance.


  • Trip Computer – stores and displays 4 sets of trip data with automatic trip-start feature.
    • Fuel Economy
    • Fuel Used
    • Maximum Coolant Temperature
    • Distance
    • Maximum RPM
    • Maximum Speed
    • Average Speed
    • Drive Time
    • Distance/Time/Fuel to Empty
  • Digital Gauges—display the current operating conditions of your vehicle in real time.
    • Fuel Economy
    • Manifold Pressure
    • Ignition Timing
    • Fuel Rate
    • Digital Speedometer
    • Throttle Position
    • Battery Voltage
    • Coolant Temperature
    • Open/Closed Loop
    • Engine Load
    • Intake Air Temperature
    • Tachometer (RPM)
  • Scan Tool—retrieve trouble codes and reset warning light; turn off Check Engine light.
    • Reads & Clears Trouble Codes
    • Turns Off Check Engine Light
    • Shows Conditions When Trouble Detected
    • Shows Emissions Test Status
  • Color Backlight Display—user-selectable backlight color lets you match your instrument panel for an integrated look.
  • Easy to Install—no tools required. Simply plug ScanGaugeII into the OBDII connection under your dash.

ScanGauge Mount, Black
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ScanGauge II
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