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Custom Tall Rollout Shelves - 19.5" Wide

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Maximize Your Scarce RV Storage in Minutes... Add Rollouts with Just 6 Screws!

Measure Carefully, as custom items are non-returnable

No More “Cabinet Chaos”…No More Buying Items That You Have (but Cannot Find) Easily Find Every Item…Save Time, Money, Your Back & Knees… Make Your RV Life EASIER!

Also…Add Rollouts to Your Home Kitchen, Pantry, Bathroom and Laundry Cabinets TOO! Select from (92) Sizes for a Perfect Fit…All Birch/Maple with Dovetailed Corners. Heavy Duty Hardware Supports Up To 100 lbs….Rolls Out approximately 75% of the Box Depth. All Hardware is mounted UNDER the box…so all the weight is supported from below, space is not wasted with 1” thick hardware typically mounted on the sides of the box….and it looks much better too!

Easy To Order: Simply Measure the “Clear & Unobstructed” Width and Depth of the Cabinet Opening. Select from (92) Sizes for the Perfect Fit….Click on Easy “1-2-3” Measure Form …and Watch Video. Rollouts Arrive FULLY ASSEMBLED! ... Simply Attach onto Your Cabinet Shelf with (6) Screws…DONE!

  • There are four available depths: 21.5”d, 18.5”d, 17.5”d and 13.5”d.
  • Simply measure your cabinet’s unobstructed depth and select the Rollout depth that will fit within.
  • 23 Available Widths: 7.75”w, 8.75”w, 9.75”w, 10.75”w, etc…..up to 29.75”w Rollout in 1” increments.
  • A 7.75”w Rollout requires a minimum of 8” of unobstructed opening width… 8.75”w Rollout needs 9”w clearance, etc...A 29.75” Rollout requires a minimum of 30” of clear cabinet opening width.
  • Measure your cabinet’s unobstructed width and select the Rollout width per our Easy “1-2-3” chart.
  • Two Styles of DIY Rollouts to Choose from:
  • Our Standard Rollout has 3”h back, sides and front …the bottom shelf is approximately 1” off the floor.
  • Our Tall Rollout has a 7”h back with sides that slope down to 3”h front...Keeps taller, unstable items from falling over and behind the Rollout as you pull it forward.

    Tall Rollout Shelf 13.5" deep For 20 inch Cabinet Opening
    Internet Sale $94.99 Reg $104.99

    Tall Rollout Shelf 17.5" deep For 20 inch Cabinet Opening
    Internet Sale $94.99 Reg $104.99

    Tall Rollout Shelf 18.5" deep For 20 inch Cabinet Opening
    Internet Sale $94.99 Reg $104.99

    Tall Rollout Shelf 21.5" deep For 20 inch Cabinet Opening
    Internet Sale $94.99 Reg $104.99

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