RV Tank Cleaning

RV tank cleaning may not be the most pleasant RV cleaning task, but sooner or later it has to be done. There are two holding tanks in your RV, one for "gray" water from sinks and showers, and one for "black" water from the toilet. If your RV has a built-in flush system, use it every time you empty your tanks. You also need to treat the black water tank with chemicals to help break down solids and keep odors down. Use an enzyme-based treatment designed for black water tanks. DON'T use formaldehyde-based treatments; they can cause damage to sewer systems.

If you use the right gray and black water cleaning systems, your holding tanks should remain clean and worry-free for years. Just remember to flush the tanks whenever they are 2/3 full or more, and don't abuse free dumping stations, because many operators are removing these stations due to overuse and abuse by some RVers.

RV Cleaning Tips

Regular RV cleaning both inside and out is important for the maintenance and longevity of your RV. Here are a few quick RV cleaning tips to use the next time you clean and maintain your RV.

  • Add about 1/3-cup of plain white vinegar to your wash bucket the next time you wash your RV (or car, for that matter). The vinegar helps prevent water spotting and boosts the cleanser as well.
  • Don't use dish soap as an RV cleaner. It is too harsh and can harm paint and finishes. Use a cleaner specifically formulated for RVs.
  • To clean window blinds, put an old tube sock on your hand, and then spray it with an all-purpose cleaner. Just rub the blinds with your hand to clean on both sides!
  • Use a small paint brush to dust ceiling vents, inside window tracks and over doors.
  • Remove water stains from ceilings and carpets with a thin paste of hydrogen peroxide and baking soda. Leave on several hours to remove the stain. (Test for color-fastness before you apply the peroxide mixture.)

Use these handy RV cleaning tips to make your RV cleaning chores go quickly and easily!

RV Cleaning Supplies

One of the handiest RV cleaning supplies is a portable pressure washer that can be used to clean your entire RV exterior. If you've never used a pressure washer before, you'll be amazed at how quickly just water pressure can wipe away a variety of problems, from bugs to road oil and more. A pressure washer is so small and easy to use that you can take it along on your camping trips for top to bottom RV cleaning. Plus, using straight water without soap is better for the environment.

Don't just stop at cleaning your RV with the pressure washer. Use it to clean everything from your grill to your cooler quickly and easily. Its spray is adjustable so that you can even use it to hose the dog off after a hike!

If you're looking for a quick way to hose down your RV, and don't like dealing with several different RV cleaning supplies, try a pressure washer to get the job done quickly and effectively.

RV Cleaner

There are myriad RV cleaning products on the market, so how do you choose the one that's right for you? Opt for a high-quality cleaner that will help make the finish on your RV last longer, but also take into consideration a cleaner that is environmentally safe. Remember, the cleaners you use and rinse off your RV are going to end up in the sewer and/or groundwater systems, which eventually flow into the same waterways you may be visiting on your trips. 

Look for a multi-purpose RV cleaner as well to save some money. Some cleaners are created for special purposes such as cleaning awnings or rubber roofs, but others can be used for a variety of cleaning applications inside and outside your coach. The best solution is an environmentally friendly RV cleaner with several applications to save the environment and your pocketbook!

Cleaning an RV

Did you know that dirt, bugs, tar and other road residue can harm the surface of your RV? They can, which is why cleaning your RV should be a top priority and one of your regularly scheduled maintenance chores. After a trip, you should clean your RV as soon as possible with high-quality cleaning supplies that won't scratch or mar your RV's surface. Use soft, natural cotton washing cloths and soaps and cleansers made specifically for RVs.

Never use polyester or microfiber cloths to clean your RV. Even though they may seem soft, polyester is essentially created from plastic. Polyester fibers are tougher than cotton and can eventually mar your finish and rub the sealant off your vehicle.

Cleaning your RV will take some time. But taking care of your RV is an investment that can pay off if you choose to resell in the future!

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