The RV Bike Rack

One of the most useful accessories for your RV may be a bike rack that fits on the rear. Many of these bike racks can hold several bikes at a time, freeing up storage space in other areas of your RV. An RV bike rack should be sturdy enough to stand up to the rigors of road travel, and it should be easy to install and maintain. It should be versatile enough to carry several different types of bikes, and it should be easy to access and load.

The perfect RV bike rack also allows you to secure your bikes so they are safe when you're not around. They should be firmly attached to your vehicle so they can't be removed by strangers. If you have a pop-up or other model of travel trailer, there are bike rack models that mount on the roof of your camper. No matter what kind of camper or RV you own, you should be able to find an RV bike rack to fit your needs.

RV Tents

Sure, you have all the comforts of home in your RV, but sometimes there's just nothing like sleeping under the stars. For those nights, RV tents are the perfect accessory for your RV. Another advantage is that the kids will love to sleep outside in their own tent—and that gives mom and dad a little privacy of their own.

You can find RV tents in all sizes to accommodate the biggest family. These tents are made to fold up and be stored in a small space, so you can carry them just about anywhere in your RV. Another RV tent option is the PUP tent, a pop-up tent created just for privacy in outdoor showers and toilets. This RV tent can be set up in minutes, and if you need an extra shower or toilet for guests, it offers comfort and privacy all at once.

Don't think that once you have an RV you won't need a tent—RV tents are another fun way to share the great outdoors with the kids. And when you're not RVing, you can use the tent for a campout in your own back yard.

RV Leveling

It's not impossible to find a level campsite for your RV, although sometimes it may seem like it. There are several devices you can use to quickly level your RV, and many of them are relatively inexpensive.

  • The first thing you need is a level, mounted on your RV, so you know when you've achieved the perfect level. Most of these are small, magnetic bubble levels that you can put on the side of the RV to check the level when you're done parking.
  • Wheel levels go under the wheels of your RV or trailer. You drive onto them and adjust the wheel's location until your RV is level.
  • For light trailers, you can use jacks for RV leveling. They are quick and easy to use and sturdy enough for most trailers.
  • Dual levels mounted on your RV help you level front-to-back and side-to-side.
RV leveling may sound complicated, but with the right RV leveling tools, you should be able to have your RV stable in no time.
RV Jacks

RV jacks help stabilize your trailer or RV. They are a necessity when you travel because many campsites aren't level (which can mean for a rocky life without them). They're also a necessity for most trailers that have balance issues around their axles. RV jacks can be hand-cranked, are easy to use, and can be set up in just about any situation.

RV jacks are also available for stairs, tongues, and pop-up campers, so no matter what kind of trailer you have, you can find the right RV jack to work for your situation. Look for RV jack pads and plates that can help your RV jacks work in soft dirt or sand. If your trailer has built-in RV jacks, you can get stabilizers to keep them even more stable and secure no matter where you're parked.

RV GPS Tracking Systems

If you or your mate is directionally challenged, then an RV GPS tracking system is just what you need when you head out on the road. If you've never used one of these systems, they are extremely simple to operate. They just seem to know just where everything is located, no matter where you're headed in the country—or the world! These systems show maps and roads, but also have voices that will alert you when it's time to turn or change direction.

Don't assume that all RV GPS tracking systems are pricey. There are models for just about every budget. Some are built-in to the dash of your coach, but others are portable, so you can use them in your tow vehicle or at home in your car. RV GPS maps always have the latest information on new streets, neighborhoods, and businesses because their networks are continually updated. An RV GPS tracking system also makes a great gift for a fellow RVer.

If you're tired of getting lost when you travel, invest in an RV GPS tracking system, and never lose your way again!

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