Upgrading Your RV Toilet

Carrying enough water in your RV to last throughout your trip is important. And not all RVs are always up to this task. That's why you want an RV toilet that is as efficient as possible. Many RV toilets are now made to use very little water, which helps conserve water throughout your trip. Not only does this mean your water will last you, it means you won't have as much black water to dump from your holding tank at the end of your trip.

Look for an RV toilet with a china base and bowl construction. These RV toilets are easier to clean than the plastic variety that come standard in most RVs, and they'll last longer too. When you upgrade your RV toilet, look for a space-saving, full-sized model, and one that can use regular-sized toilet seats. This way you won't have to special order a replacement seat if you need one in the future.

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The Right RV Bedding

Choosing the right RV bedding can be a challenge. A full-size RV bed may not be the same size as the full-size bed in your home. A queen or king, for example, can be shorter than the bed you're used to, so you'll need special sheets for a snug fit. That's why many RV dealers carry special RV bedding made especially for your RV bed.

This special RV bedding includes blankets, bed pads, and bed spreads. No matter what your taste, from percale to 660-count Egyptian cotton, you can find RV bedding to fit your beds and your style. Look for "sure-fit" sheet styles that allow you to make the bed much quicker because the sheets are sized right for RV beds—the top sheets have pockets at the foot, making sure they will stay put no matter what.

The Best RV Mattress

If you think your RV mattress has to be thin and uncomfortable, think again. Many mattress manufacturers are creating special sizes of their most popular (and comfortable!) mattresses especially for the RV mattress market. One of those manufacturers is Select Comfort, maker of the Sleep Number bed. Now these beds are available for RVs as well as home use.

This is good news for RVers who crave comfort when they sleep or have back problems and need a sturdy, supportive mattress when they travel. The Sleep Number bed adjusts to the firmness you want with just the touch of a button, and you can adjust both sides of the bed separately. This way you and your mate are always comfortable and getting the best sleep possible.

RV Bathroom Accessories

When you think of RV bathroom accessories, you have to think of bathroom accessories that don't take up too much space but still hold everyday items like soap, toothbrushes, and razors. Look for suction-cup holders that attach to the wall and don't fall off the counter when you're traveling. Look for space saving items, such as soap dispensers, that can be mounted on the wall.

Look for over-the-door towel bars and storage hooks, and items that can do double duty, like soap dispensers that have built-in storage compartments. Space is at a premium in most RV bathrooms. Choose the right RV bathroom accessories to maximize your storage options and the space in your RV bathroom.

Making the Most of Your RV Shower

Let's face it. Space can be at a real premium in your RV shower. That's why storage solutions that don't take up a lot of room make sense in the RV shower. Look for soap and lotion dispensers that mount on the wall, organizers that can hold soap, sponges, and other necessities that hang over your shower rod, and corner organizers that use vacant space in your shower.

If your RV shower isn't sufficient for the entire family, think about a portable solar shower that you can set up outside and let the sun do the warming for you. It's convenient and easy for the kids to access after a long day of playing outdoors. You can purchase privacy screens and enclosures to keep the shower concealed. Just think how much happier you'll be when you can get that extra shower when you really need it!

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