RV Towing Safety

You see a lot of RVs towing a vehicle (called a dinghy), but how many of them are safe? Many states in Canada and the United States enforce a 3,000-pound weight limit for your tow vehicle, and if your vehicle is overweight, officials can issue you a ticket and make you disengage the tow vehicle right on the spot. To avoid such an RV towing nightmare, make sure your vehicle is under the weight limit. You should also always make sure your tail and brake lights are working on your tow vehicle and that you have a safe and secure hitch.

Some states don't require an auxiliary brake system for vehicle towing. But if you're going to travel through multiple states, it makes sense to have one and it's much safer for RV towing. Choose an auxiliary brake system with digital readouts and a dash-mounted control so you'll always know your brakes are working in your tow vehicle.

RV Sway Control

If your tow vehicle has ever begun to sway while you were driving on a busy roadway, or you have seen swaying happen to someone else, you know just how frightening it can be. To make sure swaying never happens again, install an RV sway control system on your trailer or tow vehicle. Anti-sway tow bars are a good idea, but an RV sway control system goes one step further to help you regain control in a sway situation.

A dual-cam sway control system attaches to your trailer's A-frame and swing bars, providing fully-automatic and self-adjusting sway control. If your vehicle starts to sway, it will automatically correct the situation. The sway control is easy to install. Most dealers carry these sway controls and are happy to install them for you. It's just another way to stay safe when towing a vehicle or trailer.

RV Skid Wheels

If you've towed a vehicle behind your RV, you may have discovered you have problems with the back bumper and hitch bottoming out in certain situations. If that's the case, you need to install RV skid wheels on your RV. These skid wheels help protect the bumper and undercarriage of your coach and make it easier to tow a vehicle in just about any situation.

You can install RV skid wheels to the bumper with heavy-duty screws, but these can rip off in certain situations. Many RVers prefer weld-on RV skid wheels because they offer more protection in more situations. Most RV dealers carry both types of RV skid wheels. Check with your dealer to see which one they recommend for your RV towing situation.

RV Mirrors for Towing

When you tow a vehicle with your RV, there are often blind spots and areas that are out of view. This lack of visibility can be very dangerous. A combination of special RV mirrors for towing can help you eliminate blind spots, get a good view of your hitch so you can hitch up with more ease, and see traffic all around your tow vehicle.

There is not one set of RV mirrors for towing that is right for everyone and every situation. Before you invest in RV mirrors, head to your dealer and check out several different mirrors on your coach. You may choose many different sets of RV mirrors, from small spot mirrors that adhere to your current rear-view mirror to large, power-operated mirrors that give you a larger view of the road behind you. Whatever you choose, make sure to test them first so you know what RV mirrors are going to give you the perfect view!

RV Hitch Locks

RV hitch locks are a necessity if you're towing a vehicle or trailer. Without them, your tow vehicle is extremely vulnerable—and thieves know it. Look for a high-quality lock that is tamper-resistant, made of high-tech materials that are tough and durable, and is weatherized so that it will last no matter how long you use it. One that is made by a reputable manufacturer is your best bet.

These locks come in different sizes to fit every type of hitch. Many come with extra keys; but if you still manage to lose your keys, some offer a key replacement service. Most all locks are guaranteed to keep your trailer or tow vehicle safe and secure. Even in an RV park or an RV security storage facility, you still need RV hitch locks to make sure your tow vehicle or trailer is safe and secure throughout the year.

RV Adjustable Hitch Bars

RV adjustable hitch bars make it easier to tow a trailer or vehicle because they let you change the ball height and ball angle. This gives you a lot more options when you travel because it allows you to tow different trailers or use different vehicles to tow. If you upgrade your tow vehicle, you won't have to install a new hitch on your trailer. Your old hitch will adjust to the new vehicle.

RV hitch bars are easy to install and don't require welding. There are many different models and styles available, so before you choose one, look at the different types your local RV dealer offers. This way you'll know what model will best fit your needs and your tow vehicle. RV hitch bars are a great way to get more mileage out of your tow vehicle, no matter what you use to tow it.

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