Traveling With Pets

Traveling with pets can be one of the best experiences your family can share. But before you do it, give it some thought.

If your pet doesn't like to ride in the car, then chances are it won't be keen on the RV either. Perhaps keeping your pet inside the RV is the best idea to lessen the stress travelling can incur. Putting your pet in a carrier may make travelling less stressful for the pet and you.

Commit to taking care of your pet during the trip. If your dog needs to walk often or take special medications, make sure you can see to his needs. Remember to always clean up your pet's waste (a requirement at most campgrounds).

Even if you adore your pet and want to travel with it, some pets just don't adapt to the stresses of traveling. If your pet is shy around other people and animals, you may decide to leave it home. If it would be happier staying behind at home with a caretaker or boarded at a kennel, do what's in your pet's best interests.

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RVs & Pets

Think RVs & pets aren't a good mix? Think again! More and more RVers are traveling with their pets and finding it makes RVing even more enjoyable. Many RV campgrounds welcome pets, and more are becoming pet friendly all the time. If your pets enjoy traveling with you in the car, then they'll enjoy riding along with you in your RV even more.

Make sure you bring along your pet's favorite bed and toys so it will feel at home on the road. No-spill food and water bowls make the experience even easier. Never let your pets outside your RV without a leash, and never leave them unattended at your campsite because they could get spooked and run off when you least expect it (wearing a leash or not). If you're a pet lover, RVs & pets are the perfect match!

RV Travel With Pets

Putting your pets in pet carriers is a safe way to travel in your RV. But what about when you arrive at your destination? Your pets won't enjoy RV travel very much if they have to stay cooped up in a carrier all day and night. RV pet fences are the perfect solution for RV travel with pets, and they can be found at many RV dealers.

Simply set up your pet "playpen" when you arrive at your campsite. Your pets will have room to exercise, play, and enjoy the surroundings, and they'll be safe and secure in your campsite at all times. These pet playpens come in a variety of sizes and shapes for any size pets, and you can even find enclosed varieties for cats and other small animals. RV travel with pets can be fun for you and your pets when you carry along one of these portable enclosures.

RV Pet Grooming

If you're traveling with your pet and are going to be on the road for a while, RV pet grooming is a must. Carry along a portable grooming kit that includes dry cloths that replace the traditional bath with water. Pet hair rollers and brooms are great too. Sold at most RV dealerships, Camping World carries pet grooming supplies that will make grooming your pets easy and organized.

If you're in luck, you may stumble upon a campground with a mobile RV pet grooming service. Many pet-loving RVers are combining their love of animals with business savvy, offering RV pet grooming in their own RV or yours. When you travel, look for RV pet grooming in your campground, or visit an RV Web site to see what campgrounds offer this handy service. Many groomers advertise where they are going to be set up next to help you find them. Mobile pet grooming is the newest idea in pet travel, and it's the most convenient way to clean Buddy when traveling in your RV!

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RV Pet Beds

If you're traveling with older pets, look for RV pet beds that are inflatable and contour to the shape of your dog or cat. This will give them more support when they sleep and help them be more comfortable when they wake up. Heated pet beds that keep the animal warmer and more comfortable during the night are a great idea for pets with arthritis or other joint problems.

RV pet beds come in all shapes and sizes for just about any pet. It's a good idea to let your pets sleep in their RV pet beds at home before you leave for your trip so that they'll be used to the beds. They'll have the comfort of something they recognize as their own. RV pet beds should have removable washable covers and be durable enough to last for years to come.

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Pet Carriers for the RV

If your pet doesn't like to ride in the car, or you are taking your pet on his first trip in an RV, it's a good idea to invest in a pet carrier (one carrier per pet). This is the safest way to travel with your pets because you'll always know exactly where they are at all times. There are all sorts of nooks and crannies for your pet to explore in your RV. Small dogs or cats could hide or get stuck in these areas for hours or even days without your knowing where to find them.

Pet carries for the RV offer safety and comfort. Once your pet gets used to traveling, you can let it out of the carrier for a while to explore its new surroundings. Look for pet carriers that convert from carrier to bed so that you won't have to carry along two pieces of pet equipment. Also look for pet carriers that are airline approved for use during air travel.

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