The In-Motion RV Satellite

Do you want to watch TV while you're on the road? With an in-motion RV satellite you can do just that. These systems can acquire a satellite signal even when you're moving, so your family can enjoy their favorite TV programs while you're on the way to your campsite and beyond. In addition, many of these systems offer dual hook-ups, so you can hook up more than one TV at once.

You want to look for an in-motion RV satellite that offers digital video broadcasting (DVB) signal acquisition for the fastest results, and one that is compatible with all the satellite networks, like DISH and DIRECTV. You also want an in-motion RV satellite that can use the standard satellite network receivers, so you don't have to invest in another receiver when you buy your in-motion RV satellite.

Top 3 Best Selling Portable Satellites

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Chances are you have an older TV in your RV, because you may not use it as much as your home TV set. Well, if your RV TV is too old and isn't digital or digitally-upgraded, it may not be compatible with the FCC guidelines that will go into effect in 2009. In that case, you're going to have to invest in a new RV TV, or at least invest in a converter box that will make your old RV TV capable of receiving the new digital signal. Otherwise, you won't be able to watch RV TV.

So, now may be the time to upgrade to a new LCD HDTV for the RV! You can find sets that are comparable to larger, home sets at good prices, and they offer much better technology and pictures than older RV TVs. Look for RV TVs that mount on the wall to save you even more space, and reduce glare, which can be pretty excessive in some RVs. For even more flexibility, look for an RV TV that includes a DVD player too, and your entertainment will be set for years to come!

RV Today TV

Having a problem with your RV while you're on the road? Well, check out "RV Today" TV, the TV show that's all about RVs, and you may find the solution to your problem. Every RV Today TV show includes maintenance tips from other RVers, ideas about RV travel and convenience, and even shares some of the best places to go RVing. Some of the tips can come in mighty handy when you have a specific problem to solve, and the hosts are actually RVers, so they can tell you what you need to know.

You can also write in to the show to ask specific questions about maintenance and other issues, and then watch to see if your question makes it on the air! RV Today TV is a fun show to watch on the road, so make sure your TV is ready for your next trip!

RV Satellite TV Dish

Don't have an RV satellite TV dish? Well, you can bring your home satellite with you on the road with an adapter mount, but you'll need to find satellites that feed your dish manually, and that can be pretty difficult. Another possibility is buying a separate dish and mounting it on your RV. Just remember to lower it before you travel, or you may end up losing it if you hit a low clearance bridge or underpass.

A better solution is a low-profile RV satellite TV dish that mounts on the RV's roof and doesn't reach any higher than a roof vent. These low-profile RV satellite TV dishes are easy to maintain, and they shed water and snow quickly, which can interfere with satellite reception. They are a high-tech RV satellite TV dish solution that makes sense for today's RVers.

RV Satellite TV

If you have a personal video recorder (PVR, like TIVO) at home, what makes you think you don't need one with your RV satellite TV? Once you're used to using your PVR, it's hard to think of living without it. A PVR allows you to copy your favorite TV shows for later viewing whenever you have the time, which means as long as your satellite system is plugged in, you can "tape" shows even while you're on your way from one campsite to another, and then watch them later when you have time.

PVRs also allow you to forward through programming or commercials, and they let you search for your favorite programs and then tape them as soon as they are available. Your RV satellite TV really isn't fully functioning unless you equip your system with a PVR, so what are you waiting for? Get a PVR for your RV satellite TV today, and find out just what you've really been missing in TV!

King Dome

You may think the King Dome is something they tore down in Seattle a few years ago, but the King Dome is really the most advanced satellite system you can find for your RV. The King Dome works with either DISH Network or DIRECTV, and it's HDTV-ready so you won't have to upgrade in 2009 when all signals go digital. (The HDTV converter is sold separately).

Best of all, the King Dome gets rid of that unsightly satellite dish on the roof of your coach, and offers more clearance and safety than a traditional dish. It's low-profile, and it's domed, so it helps keep snow and rain off the top, which can interfere with your signal in traditional satellite dishes. If you're tired of your dish and want to upgrade, go for the King Dome system, you'll be glad you did!

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